Life Skills Motivation Mastery: How to Get Motivated

Motivation Mastery: How to Get Motivated

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Motivation is easier to find and maintain, then you may think. In this course, I will walk you through a brief, 7-Step process that will allow you to instantly find motivation to achieve your true goals.

The 7-Steps only take about 20-30 minutes to finish. What most people don't realize about motivation is that it shouldn't be something you have to try and "muster up". This course will teach you the secret that professional athletes and world class performers have known about motivation for years.

It will reveal the common pitfalls and misunderstandings about motivation and goal setting and tells you exactly how to avoid those. You will also learn a bit about beliefs as well as how to change limiting beliefs that zap your motivation and stop you from achieving your goals.


Pen, paper, brain, It's Helpful If You Already Have a Goal in Mind, but Not Necessary, Willingness to try unusual measures to achieve unusual results, Internet Access


  • This Course Is Meant for Beginners and Anyone Who Is Lacking Motivation to Achieve Their Goals
  • Someone Who Wants a Fresh Approach to Goal Setting and Finding Motivation
  • Someone Who Knows What They Want but Lack Motivation to Make It Happen
  • Someone Who Feels Stuck in Life and Wants to Get Unstuck
  • This Course Is Not for Someone Who Thinks They Know Everything About Motivation
  • This Course Is Not for Self-Help Junkies Who Are not Willing to Take Action
  • This Course Is Not for Close-Minded Individuals Who Are Not Willing to Try New Things
  • This Course Is for Anyone Looking to Establish a New Goal or Re-Visit an Old Dream

Topics Covered

Why People Struggle with Motivation and How to Avoid Those Same Mistakes

Realize the Difference Between the Surface and Deep Structure of Your Goals and Why That's Important for Goal Achievement

How to Avoid Self-Sabotage and Procrastination

Discover the Secret to Taking Massive Actions Toward Your Goals

Learn the Meaning of a Clear Definite Purpose and How to Benefit from It

Discover the Purpose of All Goal Achievement

Understand the Difference Between Beta and Alpha Brainwave States and How They Affect Your Motivation

Discover the Gateway to the Subconscious Mind

Use 3 Safe and Effective Ways to Change Your Inner State at Will for Instant Motivation

Identify and Formulate Your Goals Quickly and Correctly to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Discover the Why Behind Your Goals to Build Powerful and Last Motivation

Why Associating Peace of Mind to Money Is a Bad Idea

How to Avoid Reaching Goals but Remaining Unfulfilled

How to Use ‘Resourceful States for Motivation and Goal Achievement

Learn How The Goal Domino Effect Can Potentially Change Your Entire Life

Discover What Your Goals Say About Who You Really Are

Discover the Biggest Barrier to Visualizing and Correctly Using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

How to Easily Create Vivid Mental Imagery and Visualizations for Maximum Motivation

How Peak Performers and Creative Geniuses Brains Are Different from Average People and How You Can Be Like Them

How to Create Powerful States of Motivation for Your Goals at Will

How to Use 'Mental Icons for On-Going Motivation When Times Get Tough

Discover a Secret and Profound Truth About Your Brain

Realize the Real Truth About Your Desires

Find out Why Pro-Athletes Visualize Before Performing and How It Can Help Your Motivation

How To Try on a Future Outcome, Like an Outfit, Before Putting in the Work to Achieve It

Discover the Real Secret to Fast and Lasting Motivation

Uncover the Skills, Habits and Behaviors You Would Need to Achieve Your Goals in Life

Find out What You Would Have to Do Different to Achieve Your Goals

How to Use the 1% Winners Edge to Massively Change Your Life

How to Build Rapid Momentum and Steady Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

How to Easily Build Confidence to Achieve Your Goals

How to Avoid Losing Motivation Toward Your Goals

Find out the Key Difference Between Peak Performers and Average Performers

How to Avoid Allowing Your Goals to Become a Source of Guilt and Pain

How to Re-Fuel Your Motivation When It Starts to Die Down

Learn the Goal Success Formula

How to Avoid Chasing Empty Dreams and Living on Autopilot

Find out the Disgusting Truth About Some Olympic Gold Medal Winners

Discover What Everyone Ought to Know About Their Feelings

Identify Which Character Traits Would Help You Reach Your Goals

Find out What Changes You Would Need to Make to Reach Your Goals

The Importance of Getting of the Fence

Find out What Is Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals

Learn the Truth About Your Beliefs

Discover the Biggest Problem with Overcoming Challenges and How to Avoid It

How to Make Certain Challenges Dissolve Effortlessly

A Simple Way to Convert Your Fears into Strengths

Discover the Hidden Truth About Your Fears

How to Stop Accidentally Strengthening Your Fears and Slowing Your Motivation

How to Weaken Your Fears

The #1 Productivity Secret That Is Hidden in Plain Sight

Discover Why You Haven't Already Achieved Your Goals

How You Can Control Your Negative Beliefs

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs and Mental Blocks

Learn a Simple System for Prioritizing and Choosing Your Goals

Discover the Truth About Success Secrets

How to Focus for Deep Motivation and Productivity

Find out What a Man Who Spent 40 Years Studying Success Has to Say About the Meaning of Success

Learn the Key to Maintaining Focus on Your Goals

Depression and Anxiety Are Strangers When You Focus on This

How to Effectively Schedule Your Day

How to Avoid Distractions

A Simple Trick to Inspire Your Brain to Find Motivation and Fast, Creative Solutions

What Almost No One Realizes About Their Goals

Discover the Biggest Obstacle to Making Huge Changes in Your Life

Find out Why People Don't Stay Motivated for Long Term Goals

How to Easily Build the Habit of Success

How to Train Yourself to Be Successful Automatically

Find out the Reality of Success and Goal Achievement

How to Avoid Information Overload

How to Establish the Pattern of Follow Through

How to Avoid The Shiny Object Syndrome

How to Overcome Worrying About Making Mistakes

How to Build up Your Confidence for Goal Achievement

Forget the To-Do List - This Is What Top Performers Use to Plan Their Day

How to Avoid Letting Other Peoples Agendas Monopolize Your Time

How Top Performers Think About Their Day and How You Can Use This Same Technique for Peak Productivity

How to Establish a More Global View of Your Day to Be More Effective

A Simple Tool That Will Help You to Become More Effective and Productive

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