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You have got a great course or book idea. This one is going to be a home run. You have done all the research. You start building and 5 months later, you are not that much closer to shipping. Your real job took over. The family needed a vacation. The car went into the shop.

While those are all great reasons not to ship, the truth is, without some type of process, anything will can become a distraction and take away your finish line. All you need is a step by step method for getting your online course or book out the door. You'll be surprised at the results of using a process.

Why does it work so well? When you are able to see each step and the finish line, you know where you are at any point in the process. You know what is coming next. In your mind, you begin planning and looking forward to the next step. This motivation is based off of something you can see and virtually touch.

What about all of those distractions? The funny thing is, once you get involved and motivated by a tangible, visible process, you will begin finding ways to finish each step. A few steps later and you are at the finish line.

Turn your online course or book into reality. This is a process you can use over and over for years to come. Build your course or book empire on a solid foundation. Ship Your Online Course Or Book With Trello has everything you need to make an idea a reality.

Oh, and by the way, do not worry if you don't know anything about Trello. I will show you what it's all about and how it will help you ship your online course or book!

Course Objectives

  • Follow a well-defined processed to help them ship their online course or book

Topics Covered

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Kanban
  • Section 3: Trello


No skill level is required. Just a desire to finally get your online course or book out the door


Subject Matter Expert

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I have also started several businesses. is the latest, where I write about applying business principles to the real world and solving technology issues that every online business faces.

The first business I created, Cygen, was a web design consulting business. From this business, I also created my first product - A chatroom web application that was javascript based.

I have written desktop applications in languages running from Delphi to C# winforms/WPF. I have also built ASP.NET webforms and MVC based applications. When the iOS SDK was first introduced, I bought a Macbook and began building apps for the iPhone. I currently have seven apps in the iTunes App Store.

I have an MBA from ASU (14). My undergraduate major was in mathematics. Before graduating, I decided to get a business degree. I continued taking mathematics courses at the University of Washington after completing my undergraduate degree.

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