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Power and Utilities (L&K International Division) is the largest NERC approved online training provider for workforce within generation, transmission and distribution utilities, along with System Operators. With comprehensive and in-depth content libraries, we offer hundreds of subject area specific, Power and Utilities compliance training (NERC) along with Workplace Safety, Professional development and Craft Skills training.

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Top 10 courses for Power and Utilities

NERC Standards
9101 Applying NERC Standards Part I
NERC Standards
9102 Applying NERC Standards Part II
Emergency Preparedness
9200 Blackout 2003: A Lesson in Emergency Preparedness
Applying NERC Standards 8014 Voltage-Control Devices
8014 Voltage-Control Devices
Distribution System Training 9300 NERC Reliability Standards Compliance Awareness
9300 NERC Reliability Standards Compliance Awareness
NERC Compliance 7103 Power and Power Factor
7103 Power and Power Factor
Electrical Fundamentals 7104 Three Phase Systems
7104 Three Phase Systems
Electrical Fundamentals 7101 Basic Electricity
7101 Basic Electricity
Electrical Fundamentals 7102 Properties of AC Circuits
7102 Properties of AC Circuits

Free Courses for Power and Utilities

Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance
7410 - Power Plant Maintenance
1 Reviews
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7411 - Combined Heat and Power Systems
7411 - Combined Heat and Power Systems
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7402 - Steam Production
7402 - Steam Production
3 Reviews
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7403 - Fuels and Combustion
7403 - Fuels and Combustion
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7404 - Boiler Operation
7404 - Boiler Operation
1 Reviews
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7408 - Power Generation
7408 - Power Generation
2 Reviews
$85.00 FREE
Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 9909 NERC System Operator Certification Exam Practice
9909 NERC System Operator Certification Exam Practice
$99.00 FREE
4.5 4 Reviews 3193 Student Enrollments
5 Stars
4 Stars
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2 Stars
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Akinyinka Tomisin

Ikorodu, Lagos state

increased efficiency in solving problem of field equipment


Lagos, Lagos

It is a very good platform to train field engineers in steam Turbine Power Generation. I will I appreciate if More topics can be included to train Instrumentation and controls engineers


El Centro, CA

This Module was a tough one, but nonetheless. Like all 360 Training Modules/Courses, they are user friendly, detail oriented and very informative for my everyday use on the job. AWESOME!!!!!!!



It has really very interesting going through this course. lt will certainly improve my understanding about how power generation work.


Highland Park, MI

the classes give a person a good base to evaluate for themselves if they wish to pursue a career in a particular field.


Mobile, Aahen

Very useful informations.


Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia

it was a very nice course. just the things you have to know.

More About Power and Utility


Largest NERC approved online training provider, with over 400 NERC CEH.... Get Trained.... Get Protected (L&K International Division), a leading provider of compliance, safety, skills and professional development solutions for the Power and Utilities industry, empowering the System Operators and workforce the electric utilities to protect the grid.

Governance, risk, and compliance initiatives are critical to our Nation's economic development as well as our national security. Our enterprise solutions for the Power and Utilities industry are designed to ensure our clients remain compliant by meeting the key industry requirements as mandated by both NERC and OSHA.

360training is a recognized provider that meets the strict criteria for NERC continuing education. Current operators can train with industry compliance managers, auditors, and respected implementation experts. Workers who are just getting started in the industry and are preparing for the NERC certifications can also get complete exam prep program.

The learner's credit hours get directly reported to the System Operator Certification and Continuing Education Database (SOCCED). All coursework automatically uploads to the SOCCED, making documentation and compliance easy and letting students focus on their tests. L&K International Training can also send student transcripts to an energy and utility company's database, whether it's an LMS, HRIS or Performance Management System.

We offer a full suite of compliance and behavior risk tools to support and enhance training and compliance activities across entire enterprise.

  • NERC Compliance, Training & Certification
  • Mock Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Reporting - automatic upload to NERC SOCCED
  • Regulatory Knowledge Base
  • Learning Management System
  • Training programs with NERC CEH/Ops/Standard/Simulation/PDH/EO credits
  • Company specific reliability related task qualification
  • Student Evaluations
  • Training meets latest NERC Standards
  • PDH Credits for Engineers
  • Strong Subject Matter Expertise behind each training module
  • 100% Online training with 24x7 Customer Support
  • Self-paced training with access at all times
  • QTS/QTD report upload capability

Subject Matter Experts

Our team of experts is best-in-class, holding years of experience in each subject area. SMEs track and interpret NERC standards and turn them into compliance and training solutions for electric utilities, for them to avoid risks and ensure reliability. 360training's expert team stays abreast with the changing NERC standards and industry requirements to keep our training solutions updated, along with keeping an eye on the top violations of the industry.

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