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  • 7405 - Boiler Control (Operation, Environmental, Chemical)
Combined Cycle Technologies Series 7405 - Boiler Control (Operation, Environmental, Chemical)

7405 - Boiler Control (Operation, Environmental, Chemical)

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The objective of this fifth module is to focus attention on the areas of control which are essential for successful boiler operation including; automatic controls, boiler water conditioning, and environmental control.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- The basic control loop
- Control signals; analog and digital
- Typical control system logic:
1. Combustion control
2. ID Fan Control
3. Steam temperature control
4. Drum level control
- Auto-manual change over
- The need for boiler water conditioning
- Scale deposits and their causes
- Continuous blowdown
- Phosphate addition
- Causes of carryover
- Effects of silica in boiler water
- Causes of internal corrosion
- pH control; caustic addition
- Congruent phosphate control
- Removal of O2 and CO2 from feedwater
- Oxygen scavenging; hydrazine
- Source of boiler pollutants
- Environmental effects of pollutants
- Pollution control equipment to reduce emissions of particulates, SOx,
- Treatment of liquid effluents and solid waste





End of Course Instructions

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