Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7409 - Plant Auxiliary Systems

7409 - Plant Auxiliary Systems

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The objective of this module is to present and discuss typical arrangements of plant systems and auxiliary equipment, all of which fulfil a specific function and need in power plant operation.



Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- Typical arrangements of steam systems including main steam, reheat steam, extraction steam, and auxiliary steam.
- Procedure for warming and charging a steam line.
- Operation of steam line drains, and traps.
- Allowance for expansion in pipe routing and configuration.
- Applications of extraction steam.
- Routing of extraction steam line drains.
- Sources and applications of auxiliary steam.
- Pressure reducing stations and desuperheating stations.
- The function of the condensate and feedwater system.
- Addition of heat to condensate and feedwater.
- Pumping arrangements, i.e. condensate pump and boiler feedpump.
- Control of feedwater flow to boiler, i.e. variable speed drive or modulating feedwater control valve.
- Feedwater control valve arrangements.
- Feedwater pump recirculating line.
- Procedures for preparing a feedwater pump for stand-by service.
- Hotwell level control by make-up or overflow.
- Control of deaerator level.
- Function of the condensate fill pump (also known as boiler fill pump).
- Construction and operation of closed feedwater heaters.
- Venting arrangements from feedwater heaters.
- Routing and control of condensate drains from closed heaters.
- Protection against high-level condensate in feedwater heaters.
- The function and operation of the deaerator.
- Venting of pipework and equipment before start-up.
- Typical arrangements and characteristics of:
1. Closed circuit bearing cooling water system.
2. Circulating water (CW) systems.
3. Service water systems.
4. Fire protection systems.
- Auxiliary plant power supply bus arrangements.
- Sources of station service supply.
- Black start capability and capacity.
- Procedures for transfer of station service supply on unit trip.
- Typical arrangement for supply and application of DC power.
- UPS systems.





End of Course Instructions

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