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360training.com Launches Best-in-Class eLearning Marketplace

jessie madison July 17, 2015 0
360training.com Launches Best-in-Class eLearning Marketplace

360training.com democratizes eLearning by launching its best-in-class eLearning Marketplace to provide a myriad of services to its learners, enterprise customers, training partners and educators.

The shelf life of courses and training materials in some topical areas is very short considering how fast the market is changing.  360training.com’s counter strategy is to democratize learning by creating an eLearning Marketplace which enables us to crowdsource training content and classroom offerings from best in class experts and educators who can provide current and hot topics to our learners at the pace consumers demand.

360training.com provides authors, educators and businesses with the resources to create courses that will effectively and efficiently aid students and employees in bridging the learning gaps the training was designed to address.  Once finalized, these courses are distributed to users through the creator’s storefront by becoming a self-service reseller partner, or are promoted through 360training.com. By partnering with 360training.com, eLearning Marketplace authors will have the opportunity to reach learners in almost 200 countries and offer content spanning dozens of industries including IT, industrial, environmental, financial, business and career skills certification. The author of the best course created between July 15 and September 30 will receive a $2500 cash prize.

360training.com will provide assistance to those interested in creating a course.  Both free and low-cost software is available, teaching the user how to develop instructionally sound courses and create social APIs to promote the courses. This ensures that the delivery of quality elearning is a viable option for learning specialists and learners everywhere. By continuously crowdsourcing content and classroom training schedules from leading experts & educators, 360training.com maintains the most extensive and up to date instructor led training (ILT) course library for our marketplace users.  306training.com is also the first elearning company to demonstrate our commitment to the competency of our marketplace through online exams and certifications.

 To demonstrate 360training.com’s commitment to its eLearning Marketplace community, the company has hired Allyson Jacobsen as Vice President of Marketing.  Allyson is responsible for the overall creation and implementation of marketing strategies, including ones associated with the company’s launch of its eLearning Marketplace.  She serves as a senior member of the 360training.com leadership team and will closely align with sales, product development, and management across the entire enterprise.

“Allyson has tremendous expertise with a proven track-record of delivering business-to-business marketing initiatives,” said Ed Sattar, CEO of 360training.com. “Her expertise will be particularly vital as we go to market with the most comprehensive and state of the art eLearning Marketplace.”

“I believe 360training.com’s commitment to the eLearning marketplace stems from the firm belief that when our students are successful, we are successful,” said Allyson, “and I look forward to seeing the impact of the eLearning Marketplace in the industry, as we strive to create learners for life.”

As a 20-year veteran to traditional and digital marketing, Allyson most recently served as a dynamic leader of IBM Software and Cloud solutions.  In this role, she led multinational marketing campaigns and programs driving customer and business partner acquisition, retention, and revenue.  Applying the skills gained with the successful completion of these marketing campaigns will be essential in the launch of the eLearning Marketplace.

About 360training.com

360training.com is a leading eLearning Marketplace, providing training to individuals, learning management systems and tools, content libraries, and storefronts to enterprise customers and training providers, and content authoring tools to authors & teachers. Since 1999, our course libraries have grown to include more than 15 industries and over 6,000 individual titles. Joining the list of over 3 million learners who have chosen 360training.com to meet their training needs are businesses, training providers, subject matter experts, associations, colleges, and universities.


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