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Project Management Principles of Project Management (MS-50220)

Principles of Project Management (MS-50220)


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  • Duration: 2 
  • Language: English

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The science of project management is the foundation for the art of leadership.

Project management tools and techniques have been used for decades on projects in all industries. This 2-day course presents these proven techniques and tips for applying them in today’s project-driven workplace.

Specific techniques such as Work Breakdown Structure and Resource Leveling will be presented, with opportunities to practice each technique. Emphasis is placed not only on how to perform the technique, but also on when and why. It’s the knowledge every project manager needs to succeed.

As project management applies to all industries, the material presented is relevant to every practitioner. To support the effective application of the techniques learned, the project life cycle is related to development life cycles (process methodologies). In addition, real world project challenges presented in class offer hands-on opportunities for participants to identify specific project management tools to help solve each problem.

While this is not a traditional leadership course, it acknowledges that project managers are in leadership roles, and accordingly emphasizes the leadership aspect of each technique. By teaching participants how the project management tool set enables them to satisfy all their stakeholders – sponsors, management, customers and the project team – this course allows the project manager to achieve success on many levels.


nyone associated with projects benefits from understanding the tools of project management. Project managers and team leaders, managers with multiple projects, and team members with special assignments will get the greatest benefit from this course.

Course Objectives

  • Create realistic project schedules.
  • Get the most from project management software using the five steps of project planning.
  • Create effective project plans with clear responsibilities and milestones.
  • Identify problems when they are still small enough to solve.
  • Transform ambiguous projects into focused, productive projects with tangible results.

Topics Covered

1. Successful Projects

  • Why project management?
  • Project success factors
  • What is a project?
  • The goal of project management
  • Project management responsibilities
  • Project life cycle
  • Product development lifecycle
  • Projects vs. products

2. Project Definition

  • Questions for the executive committee
  • Project definition: Establishing the rules of the game
  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Create a statement of work
  • SOW contents
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Publish a project charter

3. Project Planning

  • The project plan
  • The project manager’s planning pledge
  • Step one: The work breakdown structure
  • Step two: Define task relationships
  • Step three: Make work package estimates
  • Step four: Determine the initial schedule
  • Step five: Assign and level resources
  • Accurate estimating
  • Estimating techniques

4. Project Control

  • Project management responsibilities
  • Monitoring cost and schedule
  • Quality assurance
  • Change control
  • Project communication
  • Project close out
  • Corrective action

5. Leadership

  • Project manager skills
  • Art based on science

6. Lessons Learned

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Additional Information

The student receives a copy of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management and other necessary materials for this class.

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