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Build Your Own SAN Storage

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 2 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Audience: Normal student, IT students and IT employee.

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This course covers storage concepts, you will learn step by step how to build a free ISCSI SAN with openfiler.By the end of this course you'll have a good knowledge about SAN and you will be able to implement the ISCSI SAN in a lot of projects.You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach.


  • This course will be great for any one.it doesn't require any previous storage experience you just need a little experience in linux.
  • This course is for normal user who want to buy a external HD and found it is expensive and has old PC can't make use of it.
  • This course is for IT students to understand new technology and to help them for testing and simulating the storage types.
  • This course is for IT employee who need to build a test environment but don't have enough storage to store new virtual machines or to study ( cluster with shared storage , implementation of storage , understand new technologies ).

Topics Covered

Here is what you will learn by taking Build Your Own SAN Storage.

  • Introduction about storage technologies
  • SAN vs NAS
  • How to install Openfiler system
  • Discover features,menus and functions of each button in the management page
  • How to configure storage devices
  • How to create LUN and assign it to host
  • ISCSI concept ( ISCSI-Target & Initiator )
  • Basic concept of LVM
  • Backup & Restore system configurations
  • Demo from scratch to build ISCSI SAN
  • How to add more protection layer by using RAID


  • laptop or PC with minimum 4GB RAM
  • Virtual Box or VMware software.
  • (linux or windows)virtual machine
  • Openfiler CD
  • watch to understand and apply the lab exercise to learn

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