Missouri Underground Storage Tank Class C Operator Certification

Underground Storage Tank Class C Operator Certification

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This course is designed for potential Class C Underground Storage Tank Operators. The Class C Operator of a UST facility is a person designated by the UST system owner who typically controls the dispensing of fuel at the facility and is responsible for initial response to alarms, releases, spills, overfills or threats to the public or to the environment. The course utilizes visual aids and audio commentary to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive learning of the subject matter required to meet state regulations for an UST Class C Operator. Depending on your state's regulations, this material may require additional site-specific training.


Course Objectives

Class C Operator Course and Certification provides training on the following:

Introduction to a generic UST facility including the major fuel system components and emergency equipment
The roles and responsibilities of the Class A, B and C Operators.
Site-specific emergency procedures development
Emergency contact procedures
Safety awareness for employees and customers
Overfill prevention
Monitoring of the UST facility
Fire safety and introduction to fire extinguishers
Alarm panel recognition and response procedures
Fuel spill containment and cleanup


End of Course Instructions


The Certificate of Course Completion can be downloaded and printed for documentation purposes. In order to obtain the Certificate, you must log into your student account and click the "Certificates" link found adjacent to your course. The certificate contains a section for the Class C Operator to sign and date, attesting that you have taken the course and passed the examination.

The certificate also contains a section for the Class A or B Operator to certify that on-site training has been completed, as required by your state.

Lastly, the certificate includes a table to document the facility name, address and facility number for which you have been trained. The certificate must be completed for the certificate to be valid.



A 10 question exam is administered at the end of the course and you will be required to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly to be certified. When you pass the exam, you will be able to download your certificate of completion from the student log-in page.

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