Communication Media Training: Look Your Best-Get the Exact Quotes You Want

Media Training: Look Your Best-Get the Exact Quotes You Want

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Imagine that you are on a live major national TV news program. You are being grilled by a tough and forceful host. look confident, comfortable and relaxed. You actually feel as comfortable and relaxed as if you were having a one on one conversation with a friendly client. You have a clear and understandable message that is coming out forcefully.

You answer the tough questions; you don't dodge them. But you answer questions on your own terms, never defensively.

Finally, your key messages are sprinkled with sound bites so that no matter how the interview is edited later, by that network or other journalists who happen to be watching, you get the exact quotes you wanted and planned.

This can become your reality, if you go through media training using the Media Training Worldwide methods.

The problem with being interviewed by the media without media training or with inadequate media training is the following:

  • You look scared and uncomfortable
  • You feel nervous
  • You answers are clumsy, awkward and complex
  • Your quotes and sound bites are defensive, off message, and in some cases, career ending
  • Your reputation is harmed, not helped

Don't let this be your reality.


  • Business executives
  • Authors
  • Experts
  • Civic Leaders

Topics Covered

At the Media Training Worldwide online media training course we help you with one big goal: Making you look confident on TV and getting the exact messages and quotes you want in the final, edited, stories. All of our training for you is devoted to helping you build 4 very specific skills in order to accomplish your main media goal.

  • How to look comfortable, confident and relaxed on camera, so that you come across in the style you want.
  • How to shape a simple, 3-part, 30-second message, no matter how complicated your subject matter is.
  • How to answer questions in a focused, strategic manner.
  • How to create sound bites for each message point and then deliver those sound bites in the interview so you only get quoted with the words you planned in advance.


a webcam or smart phone that captures video

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