Communication Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours

Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours

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Imagine you are speaking in front of a large audience of your peers. And you are moving and speaking with complete confidence and authority. You actually feel as relaxed and comfortable as if you were speaking to one trusted colleague. Your eyes are connecting with individual audience members and they are nodding their heads in agreement with you. Your messages are clear and understandable. Your stories are flowing out naturally and the audience is paying rapt attention. Your slides are actually memorable. When it's all over, audience members are coming up to you and telling you exactly what messages, stories and slides resonated with them in meaningful ways.

Your presentation was a complete, utter success. The audience not only understood your ideas, but they remembered them and came away feeling like you were the consummate professional.

This can be your future, if you go through online public speaking training and presentation training with us at Media Training Worldwide.

Here are the problems with most executives' presentations and speeches

  • Deadly dull
  • Boring data dumps
  • Unreadable and unmemorable slides
  • Zero audience interaction
  • Monotony
  • Zero actual communication occurs
  • This doesn't have to be your future

At 360 Training, we help you with one large goal: Getting people to remember your messages so that they can take the actions you want, and have a good opinion about you as well.


Business executives, political and civic leaders, and students


  • Authors
  • Aspiring authors
  • Anyone promoting a book through the media

Topics Covered

In this online course, we help you with this goal by teaching you four very specific skills:

  • How to look comfortable, confident and relaxed when you are standing (or sitting) in front of people and speaking or presenting.
  • How to get people to understand your messages and not be confused or lost by the quality or quantity of your ideas.
  • How to get audience members to remember your key messages (this is often the hardest part and where most executives fail miserably).
  • How to get people to take the actions you want them to take after listening to your presentation.


Willingness to speak on video. Access to a smart phone or webcam for video recording

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