Underground Storage Tank (UST) Training

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Training

There's more to underground storage tank (UST) operations than meets the eye. To help operators and owners comply with state or federal regulations, 360training.com offers an online UST training curriculum in cooperation with leading industry experts. Choose from over 45 state-specific training programs in a matter of clicks.

What is UST training?

UST is the Underground Storage Tank Training intended for workers and employers that work at sites that include storage tanks, which store petroleum or other similar hazardous substances. The training is divided in 3 classes (class A, B, and C) with each class trained to comply with their responsibilities in order to eliminate any possibility of leaking UST systems and make sure that they are installed properly, protected from spills, overfills, and corrosion; equipped with release detection; and properly closed.

Nationwide UST Operator Training Made Simple

360training.com's web-based modules are ideal for Class A, B, and C operators who need to meet UST training requirements. Strengthen your understanding of UST operations, maintenance, and emergency response—without the common hassles of traditional learning! At 360training.com, you can take interactive courses and prepare for state certification as long as you're connected to the internet:

  • Overview of UST Regulations and Requirements
  • Compatibility of Product and Equipment
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Essentials
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Personnel and Resource Management
  • Financial Responsibilities and More

Be one step closer to UST compliance! Contact 360training.com to learn more about underground storage tank training opportunities.

For complete training guidelines, UST owners and operators are encouraged to connect with local regulatory authorities. Requirements may vary from state to state.

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