Engineering PDH Ladders, Scaffolds, and Lifts

Ladders, Scaffolds, and Lifts

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Ladders, Scaffolds, and Lifts


This module describes the guidelines for the safe use of ladders prescribed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Upon the completion of this module, you will understand how to:

1. Describe the methods for proper use and maintenance of ladders.
2. List safety guidelines for working on scaffolds.
3. List the requirements for workers operating aerial lift devices.
4. Describe the rules of operation for aerial lift devices.

Topic 1: Ladders

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Classification of ladders
* Inspection of Ladders
* Care and Safe Use of Ladders
* Safe Use of Ladders
* Permanent Vertical Ladders
* Preventing Injuries with Ladder Safety
* Check-Point Question: Safe Use of Ladder
* Check-Point Question: Ladder Safety
* Check-Point Question: Vertical Access Ladder
* Topic Summary

Topic 2: Scaffolds

* Topic Introduction and Objectives .
* Safety on Scaffolds
* Additional Safety for Scaffolds
* Check-Point Question: Safety on Scaffolds
* Topic Summary

Topic 3: Aerial Lift Devices

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Operating Aerial Lift Devices
* Rules of Operation
* Check-Point Question: Operating Aerial Lift Devices
* Topic Summary
* Assessment


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