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Client Focused Communications

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This course teaches the student how and why we communicate. Learning these basics will provide the student the basis for effective client communication. Knowing what the client wants and being able to find the perfect property based on good communication skills will result in more sales and satisfied clients.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Define communication and its meaning; Differentiate between verbal communication and non-verbal communication; Explain and interpret the concept of 'the map is not the territory';
- Compose an effective communication model
- Recognize the use and effects of communication when implementing pacing, matching body language, pacing the breath, voice matching, mismatching, and appreciation; Start applying these uses and effects of communication
- Discover how your client thinks; Recognize the three primary representational systems; Spot accessing cues; Practice 'active listening';
- Apply this information in guiding negotiations
- Apply leading and pacing techniques to guide negotiations; Choose predicates to influence participants in a negotiation; Utilize future pacing to get a client to imagine a desired outcome;
- Set and fire an anchor; Employ directive speaking, presuppositions, influential language and patterns for negotiations
- Evaluate customers' criteria, then list and discuss them; Explain the effectiveness of the language of benefits over features; Distinguish customers' buying behavior; Model how to achieve desired outcomes, in a transaction, a career and a life
- Evaluate the importance of congruency and incongruency; Recognize the reasons behind using personal criteria; Apply reframing in any situation; Differentiate between being proactive and reactive; Practice conflict resolution; Apply triple descriptions; Follow the principles for negotiation and utilize its techniques


Topics Covered

This course covers the following topics:
Effective Communication Models
Pacing and Matching for Effective Communication
Understanding How the Other Person Thinks
Negotiating with Style
Achieving Desired Outcomes in Communication
Understanding and Using Effective Communication





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You will be required to pass the final exam with a 70% in order to successfully complete this course.

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Nancy From Punta Gorda, FL Took Client Focused Communications, And Said:

So far all the information has been really neat to learn. I have many more hours, but I am enjoying 360training in the comfort of my home.

Posted a year and 8 months ago
Angela From , Took Client Focused Communications, And Said:

I will recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues and family members. 360 training is the best. This has helped me. Thank you very much.

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Kelly From Austin, TX Took Client Focused Communications, And Said:

360 training is easily accessible and very informative. I would recommend this course to a friend!

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