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Power Generation Training Curriculum 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance

7410 - Power Plant Maintenance

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The objective of this module is to present and discuss the various types of maintenance that must be carried out in a steam power plant.
We also look at documentation, which is required for planning and control of maintenance. Also demonstrated are typical maintenance tasks that are normally
performed on major items of equipment during plant inspection outages and major overhauls.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- The objectives of maintenance, namely to retain equipment
availability, capability and efficiency.
- The definition and relationship of different types of maintenance such as running maintenance, preventive maintenance, major overhaul, predictive maintenance, and breakdown maintenance.
- Typical running maintenance activities.
- The principals of preventive maintenance, i.e. regular scheduled inspection and replacement of components where necessary.
- The application of predictive maintenance through condition monitoring.
- Condition monitoring techniques, on line and off line.
- The application of NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) techniques.
- Reliability centred maintenance.
- The effect of operating regime on equipment deterioration.
- The need for planning, control and co-ordination of maintenance activities.
- Typical documentation, which is used for maintenance control.
- The critical importance of recording measured values during overhaul inspection.
- The need to keep the equipment history file updated.
- Spare parts data.
- Flexibility of the maintenance schedule.
- Typical boiler maintenance activities, during operation and during overhaul.
- Boiler predictive maintenance activities.
- Boiler internal inspection.
- Maintenance of boiler auxiliary equipment.
- Typical outage schedule for turbine maintenance.
- Turbine condition monitoring activities.
- Typical maintenance activities during turbine overhaul.
- Maintenance of turbine auxiliary equipment.
- Generator running maintenance activities.
- Generator overhaul activities.
- Generator condition monitoring.
- Typical transformer maintenance activities.
- Typical switchgear maintenance activities.





End of Course Instructions

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After completing this course the final exam must be passed with a 70% or higher in order to receive certificate of completion.

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Jomar From General Santos, South Cotabato Took 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance, And Said:

Power Plant Maintenance course is a great tool for personnel new and already involved in maintenance section especially in power plant stations. I highly recommend this course to working personnel and students.

Posted a year ago
Elchin From Baku, Baku Took 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance, And Said:

I liked the course and would recommend to attend it by technical personal. Thanks to 360 training Team

Posted a year ago
Osvaldo From Miami, FL Took 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance, And Said:

very complete and user friendly

Posted a year ago
Dimitrios From Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia Took 7410 - Power Plant Maintenance, And Said:

it was a very nice course. just the things you have to know.

Posted a year and 8 months ago