Arizona Insurance Continuing Education Long Term Care Fundamentals

Long Term Care Fundamentals

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This Long Term Care course was designed, constructed and written to provide students with comprehensive continuing education in the area of Long Term Care and Long Term Care Insurance while also satisfying many state's special required LTC training. The harsh realities of aging in America are coming into sharp focus Baby Boomers approach retirement and the longer term health issues that come with prolonged life and increased longevity. Consumers cannot rely on Medicare, Medicare supplementary insurance, or health insurance to help them meet Long Term care costs. These do not cover most Long Term care expenses.The subject matter includes LTC Landscape, LTC Basics, LTC Providers and Services, Paying for LTC, Regulations and LTC, Definitions, Federal and State LTC Insurance benefit 'Triggers', Premium and Benefit Taxation, LTC Insurance Policy provisions, Home Care issues, Company stability, Consumer Protection, Alternatives to LTC Insurance, and the basics of LTC Partnerships.The NAIC Long Term Care Insurance Model Act and the NAIC Long Term Care Insurance Model Regulation sections are all included within this course as well as a significant amount of LTC material beyond the fundamentals included in the models and regulations.The Long Term Care course is a continuing education course to enhance the professional competence of financial and insurance professionals aspiring to make Long Term Care insurance a cornerstone of their personal mission, as well as to fulfill their commitment to their clients to stay up to date on key areas that affect them and their families.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
- Understand what long term care entails in terms of physical and financial resources.
- Identify the purpose and concept of LTC insurance.
- Understand policy conditions, exclusions, rules and regulations.
- Identify the different policy types, and what each policy offers by way of benefits, limitations and exclusions.
- Recognize the function of care-providing facilities and entities, what level of care each provides, and how they are included in LTC policies.
- Learn the role of the government in the LTC market through Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
- Recognize how shifting demographics and costs impact the LTC insurance industry.
- Understand how group policies differ from individual policies.


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End of Course Instructions

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Quiz Information

You will not be required to pass the quizzes to move on to the next lesson.



You will be required to pass the final exam with a 70% in order to receive course credit.


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