Complete Nevada Continuing Education Coursework Online

Every 2 years, the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) requires 24 hours of real estate continuing education (CE) with an approved provider like us.

Within your total CE hours, NRED's continuing education requirements include at least:

  • 3 hours of Agency
  • 3 hours of Contracts
  • 3 hours of Ethics
  • 3 hours of Law & Legislation
  • 3 hours of Broker Management (Broker-Salesperson/Brokers ONLY)

All remaining hours can be general topics. That's typically 12 hours for salespersons and 9 hours for brokers and broker-salespersons.

Meet Real Estate CE Requirements with Courses that Interest You

Up to 12 hours of CE can be online courses like ours. At least 12 hours must be delivered via live instruction.

Agent Campus by 360training offers courses that fulfill your general hours. Pick the topics that interest you and work through the material on your own schedule and at your own pace, from any device.

Get Your Credits On Time

Once you complete each of your courses with us, you'll get a certificate of completion for your records. We'll also report your credits to NRED.

Need to Know


What You Get

Certificate of completion


Course Format

100% online, available 24/7


Required Pre-Requisites

Salesperson, broker-sales, or broker's license


Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go


Renewal Requirements

24 hours every 2 years


Course Update

Content is updated and current 

Regulatory Information

Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED)

Phone: 702-486-4033

Fax: 702-486-4275

Website URL:

Email Address:

Address: 2501 East Sahara Ave. Suite 102

City: Las Vegas

State: NV

Zip: 89104-4137


How do I know you're an NRED-approved course provider?

 You can find us on NRED's website through the list of online approved CE providers.

What is the deadline for completing my continuing education courses?

Your first renewal of a new license in Nevada (whether it's a salesperson, broker-salesperson, or broker license) always falls one (1) year after the original license was issued. NRED requires you to submit proof of post-license completion to issue your first renewal.

Subsequent license renewals require CE and fall every 2 years.

In both cases, your renewal paperwork is due the last day of the month in which your license was issued, either by mail or in person. If you choose to mail your application, it must be postmarked by midnight of your expiration date. If you choose to renew in person, NRED recommends avoiding the end of the month and the middle of the day when traffic is the heaviest.

What are the additional requirements/restrictions on Nevada continuing education?

Any licensee with a Property Manager and/or Business Broker permit needs 3 hours of CE relevant to that permit. This reduces the number of general/elective hours they'll take.

Additionally, Nevada places a restriction on how many of your general hours can go towards Personal Development topics: no more than 3 hours. The following are considered to be Personal Development:

  • Personal Safety
  • Selling to Your Sphere of Influence
  • Business Planning for Real Estate
  • Current Issues/Trends in Real Estate

What if this is my first renewal of an original license?

The first renewal for any license type in Nevada (whether it's salesperson, broker-salesperson, broker) comes with different requirements than the subsequent renewals.

For each license type, your first renewal is due after one year, rather than two. "Original" licenses expire at the end of your twelfth month.

Additionally, the normal CE requirements don't apply. Each license type has its own 30-hour post-license curriculum that must be completed in that year to qualify for your first renewal.

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