New Jersey Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Need a convenient way to satisfy your New Jersey continuing education requirements? Agent Campus by 360training has what you need with courses that are 100% online and approved by New Jersey's real estate licensing authority. Enroll today.

Complete New Jersey Continuing Education Coursework Online

Every 2 years, the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (NJ REC) requires 12 hours of real estate continuing education (CE) with an approved provider like us. The requirements are identical whether you're licensed as a broker, a broker-salesperson, or a salesperson.

Our New Jersey CE courses are taken entirely online – no need to commute to a classroom. You can finish them at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Meet Real Estate CE Requirements with Courses that Interest You

NJ REC's continuing education requirements include 12 total hours of coursework that includes: 

  • Fair Housing & NJ Law Against Discrimination – 1 hour 
  • Ethics– 2 hours 
  • Core – 3 hours 
  • Electives – 6 hours 

We offer a package of courses that meet all requirements, for your convenience. If the included electives don't interest you, check out our a la carte courses – we have additional electives you can use instead to build your own CE. 

Important Note: 

  • Ethics is an acceptable substitute for Core and Elective courses, but Core and Elective courses are not an acceptable substitute for Ethics. 
  • Ethics, Fair Housing, and Core courses are acceptable to use in place of Electives. 

Get Your Credits On Time

All license renewals are due by June 30th in odd-numbered years, but your continuing education has to be completed by April 30th of that year.

Once you finish each CE course, we'll report your credits to NJ REC by their preferred method. You'll also be able to print or download a certificate of completion. The state of New Jersey recommends you keep your certificates on file, just in case.

Need to Know


What You Get

Certificate of completion


Course Format

100% online, available 24/7


Required Pre-Requisites

Broker, Broker-Salesperson, or Salesperson License


Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go


Renewal Requirements

12 hours every 2 years


Course Update

Content is updated and current 

Regulatory Information

New Jersey Real Estate Commission (NJ REC)

Phone: 609-292-7272

Fax: 609-292-0944

Website URL:

Email Address:

Address: 20 W. State St.

City: Trenton

State: NJ

Zip: 08625


How do I know you're a NJ REC-approved course provider?

You can find us on the list of continuing education providers through NJ REC's online portal.

If I'm a new agent, do I need Continuing Education?

If you earn your salesperson license within the FIRST year of a renewal cycle (before July 1st of an even-numbered year), then you are responsible for meeting your CE requirements.

If you earn your salesperson license in the 12 months prior to renewal, you don't need to complete your CE until the next cycle.

What is the deadline for completing my continuing education courses?

All licensees in New Jersey have the same deadline for continuing education: April 30th of every odd-numbered year (2021, 2023, 2025, etc).

Late CE will result in a fine. NJ REC advises that it's your responsibility to account for the 10-day reporting delay.

Your renewal application is due a couple months later, by June 30th.

What counts as "core" in New Jersey and what counts as elective?

Allowable core topics include:

  • Agency
  • Disclosure
  • Legal issues (including listing agreements, contracts, leases, and attorney review)
  • Ethics
  • Fair housing and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination
  • New Jersey real estate broker and salesperson statutes and regulations
  • State and federal environmental laws and regulations pertaining to real estate
  • Legal requirements regarding escrow monies and financial recordkeeping
  • Real estate licensee safety
  • Real estate financial literacy and planning

Elective topics include:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Property management
  • Seasonal rentals
  • Real Estate Sales Full Disclosure Act & Real Estate Timeshare Act
  • Financing
  • Land use
  • Real estate valuation
  • Foreclosure and short-sale transactions
  • Specific aspects of residential real estate transactions

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