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The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires real estate professionals to renew their license every 2 years.

Licensees who are renewing for the FIRST time are required to take a special set of courses known as Sales Apprentice Education (SAE). This is separate and distinct curriculum (see our "post-license" section for more information).

For your second and subsequent renewals, TREC requires 18 hours of continuing education (CE) with a TREC-approved school.

We eliminate the commute to a classroom by delivering Texas continuing education courses online from the comfort of your home or office. You can finish them at your own pace, whenever you have the time.

Choose the Right Continuing Education Package

TREC has two sets of continuing education requirements for real estate licensees. They refer to these groups as Brokers and Salespersons, but that's just shorthand. 

A more accurate description would be "supervising licensees" and "everyone else." If you're a broker with no supervising responsibilities, you don't need the Broker package. If you have supervising or managing responsibilities but you're not a Broker, then you do need the Broker CE package. 

The "broker" requirements kick in if you: 

  • sponsor sales agents, 
  • act as the designated broker of a business entity, OR 
  • are a delegated supervisor of one or more licensees 

That means if a sales agent has been made a Supervisor by their broker, they can’t meet their CE requirements without the Broker Responsibility course. 

Meet Real Estate CE Requirements with Courses that Interest You 

TREC's continuing education requirements include 3-4 mandatory courses, depending on your status (described above): 

  • Texas Legal Update I  (4 hours; all licensees) 
  • Texas Legal Update II  (4 hours; all licensees) 
  • Broker Responsibility  (6 hours; supervising licensees only) 
  • 3 mandatory hours of a contracts-related course

The remaining hours can be filled with TREC-approved elective courses. With 360training, you have plenty of approved electives to choose from! If the package offerings don't interest you, check out our a la carte courses.

Need to Know


What You Get

Certificate of completion


Course Format

100% online, available 24/7


Required Pre-Requisites

SAE / first renewal completed


Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go


Renewal Requirements

18 hours every 2 years


Course Update

Content is updated and current 

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How Many Hours of Continuing Education Are Required In Texas?

Texas real estate agents need 18 hours of continuing education to renew their license every two years. All agents must complete TREC Legal Update I and TREC Legal Update II, which are each four hours, as well as a 3-hour course related to contracts. If you have supervisory responsibilities over other licensees, you’re required to take a 6-hour Broker course. The remaining credits can be approved electives.

Do Real Estate Course Certificates Expire in Texas?

TREC Legal Update courses are only valid for the renewal period in which they’re taken because they provide information on recent legal or regulatory changes relevant to your practice.

Likewise, the Broker Responsibility course is typically only valid for a certain renewal period.

What's The Difference Between Texas CE and Texas SAE?

In Texas, a real estate sales agent’s first license renewal requires Sales Apprentice Education (SAE), and each renewal after that requires Continuing Education (CE).

SAE requirements are far more extensive than CE. You need to complete 98 hours of education for your SAE renewal – two four-hour Legal Update courses plus 90 hours of post-license education.

How fast can I get through the courses?

TREC requires you to spend at least as much time in each course as the approved credit hours.

This means that for your second and subsequent license renewals, you need to spend at least 18 hours actively working through the material.

What else is required to renew my Texas real estate license?

TREC will send a renewal notice 90 days before your expiration date—after that, you're eligible to renew. 

You should make sure that your CE completion documents are submitted AT LEAST 10 days before submitting your renewal application—if TREC doesn't have a record of your CE when you submit your application, you'll have to pay a $200 CE Deferral Fee or renew as an inactive license.

TREC gives you a six-month grace period after license expiration to renew.  After six months, you'll have to go through reinstatement proceedings. After two years, you'll have to reapply for a new license.

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