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Looking to become a real estate agent in Alabama? It's easy to complete your pre-licensing educational requirements with Agent Campus by 360training. Our program is approved by Alabama's real estate commission, and classes are 100% online, available on your mobile device or from the comfort of your own home. Start today!

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Complete Your Alabama Real Estate Pre-License Courses Online

The Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) requires 60 hours of fundamental real estate education with an approved provider (like us!) before you apply for your real estate license.

Our Alabama pre-licensing courses are delivered entirely online – no commuting to a classroom. You can finish them at your own pace, on your own schedule.

The 60-hour Alabama Pre-license Fundamentals course provides the instruction in basic principles of real estate required of all those seeking a salesperson license in Alabama.

Pass Your Proctored Course Final Exam

Once you've completed all the course material, you will be required to schedule a proctored final exam. AREC requires your closed-book final to be supervised by a third party to make sure you don't get outside help. Your proctor will send us a signed affidavit after your exam.

Once we receive all your paperwork and a passing grade of 70% or higher on your final, you'll get your certificate of completion. We'll also report your credits to AREC within 3 days.

Your course completion starts the clock on your deadline to take the state licensing exam.

Prepare to Pass the Alabama Real Estate License Exam

AREC requires you to pass your state licensing exam within 6 months of completing your pre-licensing course. You should schedule your exam well ahead of the deadline in case you don't pass on your first try.

But we can help here, too!  Our exam prep course covers the same national and state-specific topics as the official exam. We'll help you study so you can walk into your state licensing exam with confidence and walk out with a passing grade.

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Certificate of completion


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100% online 


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Courses available 24/7


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At your own pace, save progress as you go


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Customer support available 7 days a week


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Regulatory Information

Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC)

Phone: 334-242-5544

Fax: 334-270-9118

Website URL:

Email Address:

Address: 1201 Carmichael Way

City: Montgomery

State: AL

Zip: 36106-3674

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If 360training Is an AREC-Approved Course Provider?

You can look us up on AREC's website. Our Provider ID is 000097091-0.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for an Alabama Real Estate License?

To get licensed in Alabama, you need to:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or lawfully admitted alien
  • Be 19 or older
  • Have a high school diploma or the equivalent
  • Bave no convictions for a felony or crime of moral turpitude on your record
  • Not have been rejected or had your license revoked by any real estate licensing board in the last 2 years

If you're concerned that your criminal or professional record may disqualify you, you should apply for a Determination of License Eligibility with AREC before you do anything else.

How Do I Apply for My License After I Pass the Exam?

First, you need to find a current and active Alabama broker to sponsor your license application. You shouldn't leave this for the last minute, since your application is due 90 days after your test. You should start researching brokers before you take the state licensing exam.

You should submit your license application early just in case something goes wrong. Then you'll need to go to AREC's approved background check processor to get fingerprinted. AREC suggests you wait to take this step until the day you submit your application because they'll only have access to the background check for a short window of time.

If your application is approved, AREC will issue a temporary license.  You'll have to complete a post-licensing course before AREC will issue a permanent license, but during that time, you'll be able to work.

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