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If you're interested in getting your real estate license in California, 360training can help you finish your pre-license educational requirements online and at your own pace. Our courses are approved by California's real estate licensing authority and designed to give you career a successful start. Enroll now!

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Complete California Pre-Licensing Coursework Online

The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) requires 135 hours of essential real estate education with an approved provider before you apply for your real estate license.

California pre-license coursework is divided up into three 45-hour classes: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and one elective from an eligible list.

Our DRE-approved pre-licensing courses are online for your convenience. You can work through them on your own schedule from the comfort of home. No need to commute to a classroom!

Pass the Proctored Final Exam

By the DRE's rules, your course finals have to be supervised by a third party ("proctored") to make sure the knowledge is your own. Once you've finished the course material, you'll need to schedule your exam with a qualified proctor to pass the course.

Once we receive your passing score, you'll get a certificate of completion that you can use as proof of training on your state licensing exam application. It can take 4-8 weeks for the DRE to process your exam application and give you the go-ahead to schedule your test.

Prep for the California Licensing Exam

Once your exam application is approved, you have 2 years to pass your state license exam. However, to make the most of everything you learned in your courses, you should take the exam as soon as you feel ready.

We can help with that! We have exam prep material and practice exams that cover the same topic areas as the official exam.  Let us help you study so you can approach your state licensing exam with confidence and earn a passing grade on your first try.

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Regulatory Information

California Department of Real Estate (DRE)

Phone: 877-373-4542

Website URL:

Address: 1651 Exposition Blvd

City: Sacramento

State: CA

Zip: 95815


How do I know you're a California DRE-approved course provider?

Agent Campus by 360training's Sponsor ID is #6242.

How fast can I get through my pre-license coursework?

California sets a few rules:

  • You have to spend at least 2.5 weeks studying each 45-hour course.
  • That means you can't take the final exam for each course until at least 18 days after you started the course materials.
  • No two courses can be completed in less than 5 weeks. In other words, you can't cheat the rules by taking two courses at the same time. You have to take one after another.

Who is eligible to apply for a California real estate license?

To be eligible for a California real estate license, you need to be 18 or older, a resident of California (or meet their out-of-state requirements), and disclose any disciplinary actions or criminal convictions from your past on your application.

While some infractions will prevent you from getting a license, the state will do a background check and disqualify you from licensure if you lied about your criminal history. Plus, you'll be out the application fee.

If you're honest, on the other hand, you might be able to earn rehabilitation for the purpose of licensing.

How do I apply for my license after my state exam?

It depends on whether you submitted the combined application or just the exam application.

If you submitted the combined application up front AND passed your background check, your license can be issued before you leave the testing center.

If you only submitted the exam application by itself, you'll have to submit a separate license application and wait 4-8 weeks for your application to be processed.

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