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Create Winning PR Strategies: 4 Best Practices

Joanne Peralta June 10, 2016 Comments Off on Create Winning PR Strategies: 4 Best Practices

4 best practices for a winning PR strategy

People love social media. It has transformed the way we communicate and interact with one another. In business, social media’s importance is growing, too. Combining social media with public relations (PR) creates new, dynamic ways of reaching your target audience.

Best PR Practices: Who Should Use Them and When

A lot of social media platforms vie for your attention. In fact, 58% of people use social networks, according to statistics. With this in mind, understanding social media becomes more important every day. How can social media help you to reach a wider audience? Here are four tips that are crucial in building deeper customer relationships and improving public relations:

  1. Be Authentic, Honest, and Trustworthy

In the dynamic world of social media, people can spot a self-serving tweet faster and easier than ever before. Don’t let your business fall into the perils of self-promotion. Relate to people like you’re a person, too. This doesn’t mean sharing personal life details—rather, use your authentic slant on current issues, products, and trends that are crucial to your business and customers. In other words, be human, not a robot.

  1. Be Useful, Not a Bore

Which do you want to follow on Twitter: The one that bombards you with 17 nonsensical tweets per hour? Or the one that tweets less often, but shares practical tips and other product-related life hacks? Your customers will definitely appreciate the usefulness of your posts to their lives.  So make sure that it’s not just about you—focus on how you can help existing and potential clients instead. Satisfying needs always works better than blind self-promotion.

  1. Understand Your Options… and Use Them Wisely

Not all social media sites work the same way. Aside from bite-sized text, you now have videos and images to utilize. Which one goes where? Know your platforms and your audience. Study the trends and find out if an infographic is more shareable via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you’re producing video snippets, explore the pros and cons of YouTube or Vine.

  1. Tap Different Social Media Sites to Boost Your Brand

Focusing on one social media site may seem like a good way to reduce customer confusion to a minimum. After all, you’re using that one site to establish your brand, which is a good thing. Or is it? Using just a single platform limits your opportunity to interact with countless customers who are also active on other sites. Establishing a social media presence across multiple platforms can make all the difference.

We hope that these PR tips can help to strengthen your credibility in the industry. Now that various social media tools are within reach, you are one step closer to reaching a wider audience!

Are you ready to boost your PR strategies? Further workforce training can help modern-day professionals improve PR efforts. Let our Sales and Marketing: Public Relations curriculum keep you updated with the latest PR practices, one course at a time.

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