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Environmental health and safety compliance pays off in spades. 360training.com has partnered with top industry experts to provide environmental safety, green building, mine safety, occupational safety, construction safety, and general industry safety training programs. Meet your compliance needs without sacrificing time and resources!

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Environmental Safety

Evolving regulatory requirements have made environmental training imperative to every business operation. To address the compliance needs of your enterprise, 360training.com and industry experts have designed an Environmental Safety curriculum that is updated with the latest standards and protocols. Our online program covers fundamental aspects such as asbestos safety training, environmental compliance, and industrial hygiene.

Nebosh Training Online

Nebosh qualifications in health, safety and risk are globally recognized by employers in all industry sectors. Santia training is the largest UK provider of the NEBOSH Certificate and with 360training.com, NEBOSH training courses can now be taken online.

NEBOSH have unitized the International General Certificate and International Certificate in Construction Safety & Health. This offers you the opportunity to build on your existing qualifications and develop your breadth of skills. The Management of Health & Safety is core unit to which other units can be added within 5 years of successfully completing it.

Formacion en Materia de Seguridad

Contractors and construction companies are exposed to countless work hazards—pushing members of the construction industry to look for compliance platforms that mitigate risks. 360training.com’s Safety Training courses can prepare and protect your personnel against the dangers of construction work. Our Spanish curriculum addresses general safety, health provisions, scaffolding, excavations, electrical safety, fall protection, and more.

Green Building

More homeowners and homebuyers are seeking contractors and construction professionals with green building credentials. 360training.com can help you establish a foothold in this growing industry by offering online courses on sustainable building-including site assessments, infrastructure guidelines, and construction practices. Our Green Building curriculum provides an overview of commercial and residential green building, green infrastructure, and green building with steel.

Mine Safety – MSHA Part 46

Knowledge saves lives-especially if your company belongs to one of the most dangerous industries in the world. 360training.com’s Mine Safety – MSHA Part 46 curriculum highlights the latest techniques and safety protocols related to mining operations. More than technical know-how, your surface miners and surface mining contractors can learn the best practices in preventing accidents, working with explosives, using personal protective equipment, and even providing first aid for emergencies.

OSHAcampus.com Certification

Safety training is crucial to the success of every business. OHSAcampus.com, a registered trademark of 360training.com, can meet and standardize your corporate compliance needs with a full library of occupational training and certification solutions. Our 10-hour and 30-hour courses can help your entire organization-from entry-level workers to supervisory personnel-to recognize, prevent, and handle workplace hazards in construction and general industries.

Online Workplace Safety Videos

Keeping up with training requirements can be overwhelming, but learning doesn’t have to be a dull process. 360training.com offers a full library of Online Workplace Safety Videos to enhance learning experience while promoting a culture of safety. Protect your staff from occupational hazards with videos that are dedicated to construction, general industry, healthcare, hospitality services, and human resources!

Transportation Safety

Statistics show that vehicle crashes are still among the leading causes of work-related fatalities. Designed for employees who are engaged in commercial diving operations, 360training.com’s Transportation Safety curriculum is packed with courses that are vital in preventing accidents on the road. Modules include road safety, dashboard dieting, road rage, and the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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