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Strengthen your organization with’s HR, Ethics and Compliance program. The courses offered in this program will equip you with the knowledge to protect your company’s best interests, likewise, preventing and dealing with various issues that threaten your enterprise. This program comes with a free Learning Management System for an easy and convenient training for participants.

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Information Security Awareness and Privacy

The Information Security Awareness and Privacy course teaches you to protect yourself from security leaks and resolve various privacy and data protection issues. As the world increasingly becomes borderless and information becomes growingly interconnected, industries need to take extra measures to guard sensitive data from reaching unauthorized bodies. Take this course and protect your company from security and privacy issues that can damage your business.

Banking and Financial Compliance

The last financial crisis severely affected economies throughout the world and it still affects countries, organizations and individuals to this day.’s Banking and Financial Compliance course aim to enlighten learners about various aspects of banking, finance and accounting, as well as to help protect themselves from fraudulence, financial crimes and insider trading. Take this comprehensive course to learn the significance of internal controls, as well as, the machinations of money laundering and insider trading.

Corporate Compliance

As the saying goes “honesty is the best policy”, it is best to keep your business practices honest with the help of’s Corporate Compliance course. This course will teach you to maintain a fair and competitive market and avoid the pitfalls that compromise the integrity of your company. Keeping an honorable corporate environment promotes pride among your workforce and increases your organization’s reputation, which makes it easier for your company to attract investors, partners and competent employees.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

The workforce is said to be a company’s most valuable resource. Empower your workforce with’s Ethics and Code of Conduct program that teaches employees guidelines and principles to ensure harmony, develop an ethical culture, and prevent discord. Keep your workers informed and a smooth workflow within your organization.

HR Compliance’s HR Compliance course equips managers and HR professionals with the expertise on creating an environment that is conducive for work. Learners are trained to develop a culture of acceptance and a safe workplace. Create an atmosphere open to diversity and free from harassment and physical danger with the employment essentials learned from this course.

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