Industrial Skills Programs

Maintenance and Reliability Training through Industrial Skills Technologies Curriculum

The level of industrial skills required in this age is at its highest. Regulatory bodies demand the highest level of expertise for employees handling machineries. Safety and health are also top priorities in keeping workplaces free from hazards and accidents. This online Industrial Skills program takes training to that same level and even beyond the required where staff will be adept in industrial safety and health, industrial maintenance, industrial electricity, power generating system and operations, industrial instrumentation, process systems and operations and industrial machining & welding and more.

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Foundation Series

This introductory course provides a comprehensive discussion of industrial scale systems, standards, and units of measure. It includes in-depth discussion on the following: Overview of Industrial Facility Systems, Safety, Mathematics, Tools, Maintenance, Environment, Computers, Print Reading and Science.

Mechanical Series

The industrial world recognizes the crucial role of hydraulics, mechanical transmission and the entire science of mechanisms to keep mechanized systems running. This curriculum tackles the following: Bearing Maintenance, Industrial Hydraulic Fundamentals, Industrial Pneumatics Fundamentals, Lubrication Concepts, Mechanical Transmission Systems, Pipes and Pipefitting, Precision Measuring, Instruments, Pumps, Rigging, Shaft Alignment, Static and Dynamic Sealing, Valve Fundamentals and Welding Fundamentals.

Electrical Series

Where industrial operations are involved, the importance of knowing as much about electrical circuit, variable frequency and transformers cannot be overstated. This online curriculum highlights Motor and Motor Control, Variable Frequency Drives, Circuit Protection and Transformers.

Combined Cycle Series

Combined cycle facilities must efficiently operate to maximize its capacity and produce the highest level of output. This online curriculum explores basic aspects and in depth discussion of Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Balance of Plant, Steam Turbines, Electrical Power Generation Distribution, Power Plant Efficiency, Combined Cycle Fundamentals.

Instrumentation & Control Series

Instrumentation and control technicians must be able operate industrial measurement and control systems in a safe and efficient manner. To achieve this, they need to be knowledgeable about multiple disciplines. This curriculum tackles Introduction to Instrumentation and Control, Process Measurement, Programmable Logic Controllers, Process Analyzers and Distributed Control Systems.

Industrial Electricity and Electronics Series

Aside from the necessary equipment and machinery, proper work practices must be in place in order for an industrial facility to succeed. This curriculum covers Basic Electricity Principles, DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Motors and Servos, Semiconductors, Power Supplies, Digital Electronics and Work Practices.

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