Benefits of Multimedia in eLearning

  • Posted on March 11, 2016   Shazia Wajid

    eLearning is way different from classroom instruction. It is visible, convenient, personalized, and accessible in nature. On the other hand, classroom or lecture-based instruction revolves around teachers, books, and lectures.

    Online training provides the opportunity for instructors to motivate and engage students by using the right mix of powerful course content, effective instructional methods, and multimedia aids. This blog discusses how different multimedia mediums such as graphics, audios, videos, games, and animations can enhance the learning process and improve the performance of the students.

    Benefits of Multimedia

    Multimedia offers a wealth of benefits to online learners. We cannot deny the fact that most of our online students are busy professionals looking for a convenient and time-friendly source to improve their skills. The use of multimedia can greatly influence the learning process as it helps simplify knowledge and makes online instruction appealing to the learners. Here are few of the numerous benefits it offers:

    • The use of multimedia in an online course can help bring course content to life. It helps learners visualize what is being taught and aids in developing an association between the learner and the knowledge. Let’s put it this way. Whenever we come across something unknown, our brain tries to visualize it by creating an image of it. Having a ready-made image along with text can help learners jump right to the point, making learners familiar with the new concept.
    • Multimedia improves learning by keeping the learners engaged and motivated to learn. Multimedia content should be used to enhance the course content and spice up learning, rather than become a distraction. For example, using audio narrations can reduce overload and help learners remain focused on the visual (animations) in the screen. But unclear sound, or irrelevant background music can serve as a great distraction for the learner.
    • The use of multimedia in eLearning courses is a great way to save learners time. Course content that can take hours to read (not forgetting different distractions that we are surrounded by) can be easily explained with videos or audio narrations in a matter of minutes.
    • Learning by doing (and in this case, learning by viewing) is one of the most effective learning methods. Videos and animations can explain complex concepts more effectively than standalone text.
    • Multimedia provides practical learning to online students, which they can relate and apply in real life.

    The use of multimedia coupled with solid content and appropriate instructional methods can greatly influence the learning process. What multimedia tools will you use in your courses? Do share in the comments section.

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