How to Stay Encouraged and Finish Your Course

  • Posted on May 2, 2016   Shazia Wajid

    Are you having trouble finishing your first course? Maybe you’ve begun it, but are having difficulty finding the motivation to see it through to the end. Maybe it’s not as good as it could be and you don’t want to commit to imperfection. Maybe life just gets in the way of your great idea, and it’s hard to get back on that horse again. We understand and we’re here to help.

    Keep your eyes on the prize

    Rediscover your initial motivation. Remember why you started your course in the first place.

    • What is your passion for this content?
    • What is your unique fit in the niche?
    • How can your experience inspire others?

    Also, extrinsically, remember teaching online isn’t strictly a volunteer endeavor: you are facing a payday for your completed efforts.

    Find inspiration in other courses

    We all need a little inspiration at some point of our lives and online teaching is no different. You may have tons of knowledge and ideas in your mind, but putting them altogether and creating a whole new online course out of it can be challenging. Why not use our extensive library of online courses for inspiration? Sign up for a few of those courses with a critic’s eye. As you move through the curriculum, ask yourself a series of questions:

    • What do you like about the course?
    • Are there pedagogical strategies this course author uses that you can adapt for your own purposes?
    • How could this course improve?
    • How would you do it better?
    • Can you identify missed opportunities for interactivity, real-world narrative, concrete examples, formative assessments, or connections to other courses?

    Discover models of effective instruction or, conversely, innovate upon courses with your unique insight or creativity. Then, open up a dialogue with those course authors to see if you can share critiques and feedback. You’re not in this alone, and the community of online educators want the same thing: to create meaningful and effective educational content, which is a nice segue for the next concept.

    Use social media to become part of a network of online teachers

    Aside from finding inspiration in other courses and course authors, social media can also help you find inspiration in your course creation process. Join different social media communities to stay current on educational community news, research, and success. Checking teaching and learning social media feeds throughout the day will remind you you’re part of a tribe of professional educators and online teachers sharing the same goals, struggles, and triumphs.

    We know that sometimes the creative process can seem lonely or stale when you’re working in isolation, but you don’t have to work in isolation. offers its authoring community support through its authoring blog, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube account. You can find similar course authors and teacher communities online and in face-to-face meet-ups.

    Ask us for help

    Remember, we are partners in this process. is invested in seeing you succeed, so lean on us through our support line, or our chat feature. If you’re stuck, reach out to us for assistance, whether that is a specific question about an interactivity setting or general course feedback. You are not working in a void, and we want to help you.

    Summing Up’s eLearning marketplace provides great opportunity for professionals to create and sell online courses by empowering them to teach online. Our vision is to create learners for life, and we are dedicated to helping you embrace that vision, too. We look forward to receiving your first course. Happy course building!

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