The Power of eLearning Templates

  • Posted on April 15, 2015   Shazia Wajid

    eLearning templates are useful tools for online course developers as they can help drive user engagement and enable trainers to present a course’s content in the most captivating and professional way. eLearning template benefits include:

    1. Quick ramp-up for novice users: It used to be that creating an online course absolutely required the active collaboration of subject matter experts, writers, artists, videographers, and programmers. Today, with built-in templates in your course authoring tool, the extended team is necessarily required. Not only can you author great elearning rapidly, but you can also easily add photos, video, and effective interactive elements in your elearning course without any special designing or programming expertise. Templates walk you through exactly what you need to do, and what text, pictures, audio, or video you need to provide. Below is an example of a course slide created with the Flashcard template by an author with no visual design or programming expertise.

      Flashcard Template Screenshot
    2. Elimination of technical / programming mistakes: eLearning templates remove the risk and guesswork out of implementation, meaning that the only thing an author needs to worry about is the accuracy and quality of the content. For those who have been developing for some time, this is a welcome opportunity. Subject matter experts can turn all their attention towards authoring great course content and brood less about programming challenges or design issues.
    3. Proven approach to delivering specific types of course content: With built-in templates, course developers can adopt proven techniques to presenting course content. For example, long lines of text can easily be organized into small and interesting segments allowing learners to process the information effectively while remaining motivated to learn. Look at the example given below and notice how what would have normally been bullet points have been transformed into an interactive diagram.

      Hotspot Template Screenshot
    4. Standardization: Consistency is important in online training, as it keeps the learner focused on the content, not on the mechanics of how to navigate through and interact with the content. Add interesting and exciting content-related elements and experiment with different slide layouts without upsetting the uniformity of your course design with the help of elearning templates.
    5. Flexibility: Built-in activity and game templates offer a lot of flexibility. Use, re-use, and update templates in various courses to provide rewarding learning experiences to your students. Focus your energy on authoring great course content and let the Learning Content management System (LCMS) handle the rest.
    6. Useful job-aid for course developers: Built-in templates serve as a job-aid for course developers. The templates are a ready-made framework where all you need to do is add content. There is no hassle thinking about where to place which elements or how to design different buttons, and so forth. You have exceptional and instant interactions at your fingertips, waiting to be used, as per your content needs.

      Multiple-choice Scenario Template Screenshot

    eLearning templates are convenient, user-friendly, and time-saving, while offering variety and reusability. Try out different templates in your online courses and create an exciting and engaging online learning experience for your students!

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