Banking & Financial Compliance

Banking & Financial Compliance

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Banking Financial Compliance

Money laundering plays a fundamental role in facilitating the ambitions of drug traffickers, terrorists, organized criminals, insider dealers, tax evaders, and many others who need to avoid the attention from authorities that sudden wealth from illegal activities brings. In using money laundering, criminals seek to make their ill-gotten profits beyond the reach of asset forfeiture laws.

Financial institutions such as insurance companies are at the forefront of the battle against money launderers. Under current legislation, insurance companies are responsible for policing their financial dealings and reporting suspicious transactions. This course will examine anti-money laundering regulation in the insurance industry, specifically focusing on the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, the Suspicious Activities Report (SAR), the Customer Identification Programs (CIP), and the "Know Your Customer" provision (KYC).

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    The myriad of regulations, disclosures, and issues is a major challenge for modern financial professionals. Employees & managers familiar with these requirements reduce the risk of fines and penalties pertaining to financial laws and regulations.

    The Banking and Financial Compliance courses explore safety and precautionary measures for staying compliant with financial rules, as well as reporting risks and red flags for money laundering, insider trading, and other financial crimes. With these comprehensive courses, learners understand the ethical issues and challenges that professionals face in the banking and financial industries.

    These courses cover Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime, Finance and Accounting, FINRA Compliance, and Insider Trading.

    Who Should Take This Training Series?

    • Banking, Securities, International Trade, Government Contracting, and Insurance industry professionals.
    • Finance & Accounting, Import/Export, and Contracts & Purchasing departments
    • Supervisors, Managers, and Senior executives of publicly traded companies

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    Advanced Supervision (Interactive)

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    Advertising - Financial Professionals (Interactive)

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    Anti-Money Laundering - Supervisors

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours: 1 Hour(s)

    Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Professionals

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Type: Property and Casualty, Life and Health
    • Credit Hours: 2
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    Preventing Insider Trading (Comprehensive Course)

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