10 Best Buyer Testimonials

Best Buyer Testimonials

  1. The courses were extremely easy to follow and were way simpler than the classroom based ones I had to slog through I want to take this opportunity to thank the support team which was extremely patient when I couldn’t figure out some aspects. I recommend 360Training.com to anyone who wants to renew his or her Broker In-Charge license. - Barbara  -
  1. Imagine my horror when I realized that my license as a broker was going to expire in a year! My life literally flashed before my eyes and all of the hard work I had put in the business almost went down the drain. I really couldn’t afford a delay in my business and my clients aren’t exactly the patient type. 360Training came to the rescue and just in time too. - Mark –
  1. As a broker, I barely have the time to feed myself much less take CE courses. But that kinda became a necessity as the expiration date on my license drew nearer. I really couldn’t take time off my busy schedule to take classroom based courses so imagine my delight when I discovered this package. It had all of the course credit hours I needed to sit for the CE exam and I could access it from my office.                                                 - Stan –
  1. When the time came for my license renewal, I was nervous since it had been some time when I had cracked open a textbook. All of the basic concepts were a bit blurry and I had already given away all of my textbooks years ago. This course was a life saver, or should I say a ‘license saver?’ It had everything I needed to brush up on to renew my license and updated content that helped me in my business.                                                                 - Saul –
  1. I’ve used my share of ‘tried and tested’ online courses but sadly none of them could live up to the hype. Either there was a problem with my payment or the courses did not offer all that they promised. I was about to give up and enroll in a physical class when I decided to take a chance on 360Training’s program. Long story short, they have a loyal customer now. - Mariah –
  1. As a pure traditionalist I was vary of trying out online courses when the time came for my license renewal. But budget constraints and a growing brokerage did not leave me with much time or energy to attend classes. 360Training’s online courses were a godsend in this regard. I was able to schedule them when I could take them and the course also helped me keep current with recent trends. - Stephan -
  1. The courses 360Training offers are of the best quality but they also require specific software to be accessible. When I tried it out the first time I contacted the support team to help me figure out what I needed to download on my laptop. They were extremely helpful and patient with me and told me what I needed to have to access the courses without getting irritated at my questions. - Will –
  1. Online classes are the best as far as 360Training is concerned. They allowed me to take care of my clients, have enough time for my meetings, close deals and manage the agents who work under me. None of them even knew I was studying for my license renewal because I could take them discretely via my office laptop. - Liz –
  1. Running a brokerage is not easy so I was really pleased when I stumbled upon this package by 360Training. It helped me brush up on the basics and even updated me on current market trends which proved quite useful. - Sally –
  2. All of the online courses on 360Trainign are so easy to understand and comprehend. This one was the same and I would recommend everyone to try it. - Jennifer -


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