10 Best States for Construction Jobs

Whether you’re a construction worker looking to move to the state with the most opportunity, or you’re curious what construction job availability is in your current state, knowing the best states for construction jobs is good knowledge to have. Below we will rank the best states for construction jobs, looking at factors like the average amount of construction jobs available and average annual salaries from data collected by the Labor Department and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Let’s dive in!

10. South Carolina

While construction workers in South Carolina make significantly less than other states on our list at an average salary of $21,955, the population of the state is growing at a high rate, landing in the top ten states of AGC’s population growth list. Additionally, AGC lists South Carolina as the fourth state on a list of ten for growth in the construction industry.

9. New York

Keep in mind there is more to the state of New York than New York City, so if large crowds aren’t your thing, don’t cross New York off your list quite yet. While the average salary of $24,326 is on the lower end of our list, they did employ 332,420 construction workers in 2017, so there is plenty of work to go around. 

8. Texas

Of course, Texas is on our list with its vast expanse of space, easy access to water, and a significant focus on oil and gas. The average construction worker in Texas makes $24,402 a year, but Texas is number nine on AGC’s list of high population growth states, which means there is plenty of work to be had. In fact, in 2017, the BLS reported Texas employed 596,630 construction workers, second only to the number of construction workers employed in California. 

7. Nevada

Nevada construction workers make an average of $25,858, but where they outshine other states is with their construction and population growth increases. According to AGC’s findings, they rank Nevada as the number one state for future construction growth, and number two for population growth, so the job outlook is incredibly positive. 

6. Florida

The sunshine state boasts an average construction salary of $26,581, which is about the median salary of all the state averages on our list. On AGC’s list of construction growth, Florida ranks eighth, and on their list of population growth, it ranks sixth. These rankings, coupled with a stable average salary, make Florida a great place to live as a construction worker. 

5. Oregon

If you enjoy pine trees and cooler weather, Oregon may be the place for you. The average salary of a construction worker in Oregon is $28,413, they rank in fifth out of ten in AGC’s construction growth data, and seventh for population growth. These statistics promise a bright future for Oregon construction workers with lots of potential residential and commercial construction projects ahead. 

4. Ohio

If you don’t mind the snow and are interested in making an average of $29,836 annually, Ohio may be the perfect state for you. While Ohio ranks as number three out of ten for construction growth, they don’t rank in the top ten states for population growth. Of course, population growth varies from city to city, so if you’re interested in Ohio, double-check the growth of the city you’re interested in before you make your final decision. 

3. Washington

Washington ranks number three on our list, with an average construction salary of $33,308. Although the pay isn’t as high as some of our other states listed, Washington does rank fourth for population growth and seventh for construction growth - an excellent sign for construction work in Washington. Additionally, BLS reported 152,150 construction workers were employed in Washington in 2017, so there is no lack of construction work.  

2. California

With an average salary of $39,594, California construction workers have the second-best salary compared to any of the other states on our list! However, the state doesn’t make either the construction or population growth lists by AGC. Besides, California has notoriously high taxes, so construction workers won’t be bringing home as much of their paychecks as they may have hoped. 

1. Illinois

If California construction money wasn’t quite enough for you, consider moving to Illinois, where construction workers make an average of $42,366; this average salary is about 31% more than the nation’s average! While Illinois doesn’t rank in the top ten for either construction or population growth, they did employ 176,100 construction workers in 2017, so it’s clear there is a need for the profession. 

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