10 Blog Topics to Help You Build Your Real Estate Profile

  • blog topics to build real estate profile10 Blog Topics to Build Your Real Estate Profile
  • Blogging is a fabulous way to provide helpful advice and show off your impressive real estate knowledge. After a few years in the biz, you’ll have plenty of raw material and insight. The real estate industry is brimming with interesting topics to explore such as financing, economics, social trends, interior decorating, marketing, psychology, negotiation, appraisal, and law.
    Get into a writing habit daily or weekly. Keep a little notebook handy to jot down topic ideas. And keep up a regular publishing schedule so readers don’t lose interest. You can probably find 10 blog ideas any day of the year as a real estate agent. Here are some blog topics for the next time you’re looking for something new to write about…
  • 1. Get to Know You

    People prefer to work with someone they know and trust. If consumers can get to know more about your history, processes, talents, awards, and former clients, they may feel more comfortable choosing you to handle one of the biggest, and most stressful, transactions of their lives.

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  • 2. Local Market

    Real estate is local. You want to establish yourself as the local expert, so why not show it? There are tons of topic ideas all around you:

    Luxury properties
    Affordable properties
    Local issues
    Hot neighborhoods
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  • 3. Target Your Target Audience

    What is your audience interested in? What do they need to know? Surely, you’ve already done lots of research to get to know your audience. Use that consumer profile to generate relevant blog topics targeted to each group.

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  • 4. Staging and Showing Tips

    This is where you really get to have fun and unleash your creative side. Sellers are always hungry for advice on how to make their houses more attractive to buyers. Staging and showing tips are usually standard advice for clients. Give readers an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

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  • 5. Buyer and Seller Checklists and Guides

    Buyer’s guides, seller’s checklists, listing plans. There are many different steps and processes in a sales transaction that consumers know little about. Offer slick-looking, printable guides, how-to’s, lists, and infographics

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  • 6. Explain Sales Transactions

    Do a step-by-step explainer of a typical transaction from the buyer’s perspective and/or the seller’s. Or look for topics or terms than non-agents often misunderstand. Explain a complicated, multi-party process like financing or closing.

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  • 7. Trends

    Architecture, interior design, green building, mortgages, and advertising see trends come and go. Spotlight a few trends that are heating up in your city.

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  • 8. Field Guide

    As a slide show or infographic, put together a field guide to house styles, mortgage types, negotiation strategies, contracts or anything else people want to learn more about. What’s the difference between a balloon mortgage and a wrap-around mortgage? What’s the difference between a Victorian house and a Tudor style?

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  • 9. Advice for Agents

    Establishing a great reputation among other agents is important for business, so don’t forget that audience, especially if you’re experienced. Perhaps start a weekly or monthly column offering advice and tips for other real estate professionals.

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  • 10. Renovations and Repairs

    Homeowners want to know which renovations and upgrades have the best return on investment. How much does it cost to put on a new roof? What’s the cost of a new furnace? What repairs should homeowners do each year to properly maintain a house? Both buyers and sellers will want to know which renovations will add value to a house.

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