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Becoming a real estate agent is not just about getting a license. There’re a lot of tasks and costs involved in getting started as a working agent. In essence, you’re starting your own small business. You have to invest the time and money to get it off the ground. You are an independent contractor, which means you need a standalone business model and a business plan. [presentation-slide id=19151] When you renew your license every few years, there’ll be between $50 - $300 for continuing education. Marketing is one of the largest expenses for an agent. Some spend over $1,000 per year on marketing. A big part of your budget the first year will go toward marketing yourself and your listings. A good-looking real estate web site can cost up to $1,500 per year. Then there’s also business cards, signs, flyers, and brochures. It can be tough to get started, but a career in real estate is interesting and rewarding with lots of independence and room to grow.

Before you begin an exciting journey in real estate, research expenses in your area, draft a business plan and a budget, and save money for an income buffer. Click To Tweet

Your first year as a real estate agent will proceed smoothly and successfully with some preparation before you start. The first step in becoming a real estate agent is completing the real estate pre-license course required in your state. The hassle-free choice is 360training.com, a trusted provider of online real estate education. Take your real estate training at your own pace whenever you want. Enroll today!

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