5 Factors That Influence Your Success At Work

Posted On: August 10, 2015

Abilities and Success at Work

Tides turn at work and—more often than not—your ability isn’t the only deciding factor in achieving a successful career. If you really want to move your career forward, don’t just bank on your technical skills. 360training.com rounds up 5 crucial factors (other than ability) that impact your success at work:

Foresight: Stay a step ahead of what your employer expects. The important part of this tip is that you never sit idle—waiting for new information to magically appear in front of you. If your office is planning to adopt a new software, consider signing up for related training sessions even before the official orientation at work. Stay on top of the latest industry practices and be open to possibilities. Take advantage of various career training programs for workers who want to improve their current skill set.

Teamwork: Champion your team. While you need to look ahead of your boss's expectations and wow him or her with your intuitiveness, you still need to work as part of a team. Find the balance between being a team player and demonstrating your individual strengths. It might sound tricky, but the key is cooperation. Support your teammates while doing your part in an upbeat manner.

Accountability: To err is human. Learn from mistakes, forgive yourself, and move on. It is easy to beat yourself up when you make a mistake. But what matters most is how you face the repercussions of these challenges. As long as you own your mistake and do your best to correct it, people won’t dwell on it any longer than you do. Laugh about it—or better yet, learn from it. Let it go and find ways to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Outlook: Stay positive and avoid complaining. Find the silver lining and look for solutions—instead of complaining about every bump on the road. Try to stress less and devote all that energy to more productive endeavors. Work gets easier when you focus on the brighter side of things. Make yourself an "easy keeper" and find ways to defray tension when appropriate.

Commitment: Do the work—fulfill responsibilities. Showing up for work and getting the job done are two different things. So don’t just expect a paycheck without carrying your share of the weight. It’s not only about doing the daily pile of work that lands on your desk, but also about doing it well and finishing it on time. Your commitment to your responsibilities is going to pay off in the long run—especially if the quality of what you bring to the table is hard to miss. Clearly, success is a combination of many factors. We hope that these tips can give you the extra push to succeed at work. Visit 360training.com for more updates on professional development opportunities.

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