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5 Sneaky Secrets to Sell a Home

Editorial Team March 7, 2013 0

13-03-07_Real Estate 02The housing market is coming out of its slump, and so should your marketing plan.

You may not be ready to ditch the old ways of selling real estate, but have they really been working for you lately? Even if you’re doing well, there are a lot of exciting new methods agents are trying out these days.

Some things haven’t changed. Location, condition and price are what sell houses. But creative and smart ways to market those properties have opened up new worlds to agents and other real estate professionals. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Host a sleepover. It’s definitely not your garden-variety sales tactic, but donning PJs and building pillow forts may make the sale. A sleepover is a fun way to show off a property, and proponents of the all-nighter swear by its effectiveness. The idea is to allow the buyer to stay for a night to get a sense of what the neighborhood and the house are like. Add some wine and snacks to the mix and you may just have a buyer ready to sign a contract after sunrise.

Add value with incentives. If the prospective buyer is on the fence, throw in something special to pull him over to your side. Has he expressed concern about his commute? Offer a six months supply of gas cards. Is the price too high? Offer creative financing options or pay the homeowner association fees for a year. Sometimes the buyer needs help in making the right decision, and some icing on the cake makes all the difference in the world.

Virtual Realty. It’s a digital era, and since your customers are already using social media you’ll have to be right there with them if you’re going to relate. If you have a property to sell, put it on a Pinterest, Twitter, Craigslist and Reddit. Pay a little for a Facebook or LinkedIn ad. Up to 80 percent of prospective buyers scope out a house online before visiting it. These days social media platforms and other Web-based tools have a lot more curb appeal than the brochure box by the street.

Sell the stuff that’s in the house. A garage sale is a sly way to get people to visit the property. Word of mouth is marketing gold. Who better to promote a listing than the residents who are already in the neighborhood? A “For Sale” sign in the yard will get them talking as they sift through the items at your rummage sale. While you make pocket change on the yard sale, hand out flyers for the property, generate some leads, and before long the garage sale may just sell the garage (and the rest of the house).

Set the stage. Home staging has become a popular way to transform a property from “homely” to “homey.” Staging brings interior design to real estate. It is all about creating excellent first impressions on potential buyers when they open the front door and step inside. Removing clutter makes the interiors look larger. Boosting the lighting makes rooms warm and welcoming. Well-placed wall hangings and art will show off your space with dramatic flair.

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