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5 Spanish Food Related Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

Cara Pahoyo February 6, 2018 0

 5 Spanish Food Related Blogs You Don't Want to Miss

Whether you love to cook or love Spanish food in general, you will not get enough of these 5 Spanish food blogs. Each is full of indigenous recipes that are a true representation of the culinary genius behind this country’s culinary delights. Create the flavors of Spain without leaving your kitchen no matter where you are in the world:

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  1. Much Bites Madrid

If you love Madrid or are in town for a visit, Much Bites should be the first Spanish food blog to look up. It’s maintained by a British blogger who fell in love with the city’s culinary charm and has mastered a number of dishes. The website is filled with reviews on the best restaurants, bars, lunch spots, brunch spots, and food markets in the city.

Besides covering places that every foodie needs to try in Madrid, the blog also shares experiences, customer insights, tips on grocery shopping in the city, and other things that can make a trip to the capital memorable for Spanish food lovers.


The blogger for Back to Spain has created a space which is filled with Spanish recipes that any foodie would love to try out. This includes travel tips to the country. The blogger is also a professional chef with experience working in Michelin-star restaurants.

The recipes in the blog are heavily influenced by the blogger’s love for Spanish food and it contains culinary masterpieces that are anything but basic. Besides traditional recipes, Back to Spain also comprises of ambitious creations such as roasted eggplant with black tea.

  1. Spanish Sabores

Talented foodie from the US, Lauren Aloise is responsible for this Spanish food blog which she started years ago while she was living in Spain. Her attachment and love for the country inspired her to create a food tour company called Devour Tours. Spanish Sabores allows her to share recipes from the country – most of which are inspired by her Andalusian mother-in-law.

The recipes on the blog range from sweet to savory items such as churros, Spanish sangria, braised pork cheek, and healthy recipes that incorporate vegetables and lentils.


This blog is considered to be one of the top Spanish recipe blogs and is maintained by Pilar who hails from Galicia. Besides recipes, La Cocina de Lechuza also boasts pictures and stories about how she tackled challenges she faced while cooking and the appliances/cooking equipment she uses to create her dishes.

The blog is heavily inspired by dishes that are native to Northern Spain and is easy to navigate. It contains recipes of traditional Galician cuisine along with fish, rice, vegetable, and sweet dishes.


En Cocinaando is the Spanish cooking blog of a lady who loves to bake. However, while most of the recipes on the site are on sweet confectionaries such as desserts and pastries, you can also find a range of savoury options from vegetable and pasta dishes to seafood recipes. The blog is also filled with pictures of each recipe to give visitors a first-hand look at how the final dish is presented.

Besides Spanish recipes, the blog also has a separate section for food events around Malaga.

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