5 Things App Developers Can Learn from Pokémon Go

Posted On: October 10, 2016
app developers and pokemon go

Seemingly overnight, "Pokémon Go" had the type of product launch that most businesses would kill for - regardless of which industry you're talking about. Just hours after release, it had already been downloaded millions upon millions of time and found itself the subject of news coverage around the world. The app's success came down to more than just the strength of the Pokémon brand; however, there are a few key things in particular that app developers can and SHOULD learn from "Pokémon Go."

Innovation Drives Success

"Pokémon Go" didn't light the world on fire because it's the best app that was ever released - it offered something legitimately new and fresh in a meaningful way. It isn't just a game - it's a game that can only be played by also getting outside and exercising, essentially. Two seemingly disparate elements combined into one very powerful whole.

Let Your Hardware Be Your Guide

Another thing that separates "Pokémon Go" from so many other apps is the unique way it made use of available hardware. It isn't just a piece of software with a touch-screen interface. It also used mobile device components like the built-in GPS, camera, and accelerometer to actually build a unique user EXPERIENCE, something that cannot be overlooked.

The Digital World Meets the Physical World

The way "Pokémon Go" brings the digital and physical worlds together as one is special. The environment around you is the environment in the game thanks to the camera of a mobile phone or tablet. This increases the sense of immersion in a new way, making players feel less like they're playing a game and more like they're living their life (that just happens to be populated with Pokémon).

Access is Important

Another major reason why "Pokémon Go" was such a success is that it was essentially available to everyone all at once. Let this be a lesson to app developers everywhere:  If you CAN release on Android and iOS at the same time, you SHOULD.

It's Easy

Finally, the number one thing that app developers should take away from the success of "Pokémon Go" is the old saying of "keep it simple." "Pokémon Go" doesn't have a steep learning curve, lengthy instruction manuals to read, or hours of preparation before a player can get going. You download the app, install it, and you're ready to go in minutes. Gameplay is just as simple. This helped the game reach a much broader audience of both hard-core and casual gamers.


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