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8 Tips for a Successful Open House

360training.com December 23, 2013 0

open house

Would you dare to buy a house that you’ve only seen through pictures? If you are selling your house, you should learn to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. It is always good to see the for sale property for real. That is why, it is essential to conduct an open house. Here are 8 tips for a successful show of your hose for sale.

  • Remove clutter

It really pays to follow the saying that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” A house that is clean, organized, and free of flutter and eye sores is attractive and beautiful in all its simple glory. Pay attention to your living room and kitchen and get rid of unnecessary appliances. Packing some stuff that you’ll need when it is time for you to leave the house will also help.

  • Remove personal stuff

It is your house, but soon enough it won’t be. As early as now, you should remove personal items like family portraits and photos. Yes, your children are adorable while they are playing and you’ve successfully captured them on photos. But they won’t send a great idea to potential buyers that you’re ready to sell it.

  • Freshen up the air

An open house becomes really inviting when fresh and fragrant air welcomes potential buyers. Aromatherapy candles would help bring fragrance to your house. But be sure the odor is not too strong. Make sure that the laundry area and other not-so-prominent parts do not have the foul odor caused by mold and mildew. If you have carpets, clean them. It may help if you would ask the help of a professional carpet cleaner. If you have pets, it is generally a good idea to take them away from the site. Some buyers would simply opt not to have the presence of pets like dogs and cats because some of them may have allergic reactions to their hair or fur.

  • Fill the air with other welcoming scents

Aside from air fresheners, food can be used to fill the air with nice and welcoming odor. Baked goodies like cookies and bread can create good impressions. Be sure to make them before the open house starts to let the odor spread in the house. Be sure to have the goodies served as snacks! You’ll just annoy the buyers for having smelled them without having a bite of a single piece.

  • Implement repairs and fixes

You’re conducting an open house because you’re selling it. But it doesn’t mean that you would leave its condition in such a poor state. You need to inspect your house for parts that need instant repairs or replacements. It won’t easily sell if there are broken windows, damaged kitchen cabinets, etc.

  • Have a nice table setting

Let the imagination of your guests and potential buyers play. Have a nice table setting for them to have a feel of how it is to entertain other people while dining. Prepare the best dish you knew of cooking. Make use of neutral tablecloth that will complement your appetizing meal and the elegant kitchen wares and utensils you’ll bring up.

  • Let there be more lights!

Show your entire house with good lighting. Let it be lit than the usual. Allow more outdoor light to enter and illuminate exterior surfaces. Open curtains and blinds. If there are places that look dark even with lights on, add mirrors in strategic places to reflect light coming from other sources. Better yet, add some lighting fixtures on these places.

  • Have a special bulletin board or nook for house pictures

Instead of displaying family photos, house pictures will be better. Bring out pictures of your house showing how it looks in other instances like when Christmas is near. Show photos of your garden when you have seasonal plants and ornamental in there.

These eight tips will let you have a successful open house. During the event, be sure to let your ears open wide to hear comments and suggestions by potential buyers. It will help you prepare better for future open houses you might still have!

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