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Bullet Victorino October 7, 2013 0

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I was reading a magazine the other day and there was this article that got me really interested. It talked about the current trends in training and development and how it affected the workplace and its workforce. As I read through the article I can’t help but think about the different training interventions that can target the different skills that one needs in order for them to move up the corporate ladder.

Reading about the ideas of the author about how to plot an employee’s roadmap to success got me thinking about the possibilities of providing learning packages that target each of the specific needs of the learner to help them get to where they want to be, armed with the training and skill set that they need to perform and deliver what is expected.

Having seen how soft skills and business skills have changed the playing field for some people, I can totally understand why more and more companies invest in training bundles and subscriptions that strategically targets personal development and communication skills. Just like companies, their employees have also evolved a great deal. From simply attending training that is provided by their companies, now they want more, they want courses that allow them to master a skill, learn a new discipline or even pave a new path for them to get a better career.

Training is now a priceless commodity that companies value a lot because it’s now a vital part in retaining employees and also an integral part in talent management and employee engagement.
Being able to invest in training programs and courses that target personal development, leadership development and project management propels a company forward with regard to human resource betterment and management.

In retrospect, training was never this way when I was still starting out. A lot of people saw training differently, some even thought of it as a waste of time, a sorry excuse to spend a company’s finances and an optional element in creating a competent workforce. But this type of thinking only pushes back a company’s evolution. Training does help and it does make a difference. It may not show right then and their but it will, eventually after everyone has become comfortable with what was trained and shared.

With all of the good things that are already happening in different companies, wouldn’t you want to join the bandwagon? Wouldn’t you want to empower, educate and engage all of your employees to help them perform better and gain more success in the career that they have chose? 360training.com can help you plan and manage the type of learning intervention that your workforce needs in order for them to perform better and become more competitive in the things that they do. A company that can provide the right arsenal and weaponry to their workforce performs better compared to companies who neglect business skills training and soft skills training. Would you want to be that company? Or would you want to be at the head of your game and create a better environment for your workforce? An environment that focuses on career growth and skill set mastery. An environment that allows all of its employees to feel proud about themselves and what they do… If you want this change to happen and you want your employees to be better in everything that they do. Visit our website at www.360training.com we will help you come up with a tailor fit training package that is specific to your workforce’s need.

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