Resources to Read about Texas Food Safety Guidelines

Foodborne diseases originate from spoiled or contaminated drinks and food. Some of the debilitating illnesses include infections or food poisoning which can derail a restaurant or any food based establishment’s reputation. Some of the diseases and conditions that can result from eating contaminated dishes include diarrhea, vomiting, gastroenteritis to more some of which can turn fatal depending on the severity of the contamination. Before becoming a food handler, server or manager in the state of Texas, you need to go through, clear a Texas food safety course and pass the exam. Here is a list of resources you can go through if you want information on the Texas Food Safety certification and food handling laws in the state:
  • Texas Health and Human Services. The main aim of Texas Health and Human Services is to see a healthy Texas. To realize that goal, their mission is to improve the health and safety of citizens in the state via public resources and by focusing on public health functions. This includes:
    1. Improving the response of the public to disease outbreaks
    2. Improving health of the public through preventive and health based strategies
    3. Encouraging the efficient use of medical information
    4. Increasing consumer protection by reducing health issues.
The website also has information such as a FAQ on food handler training programs that are pertinent to anyone who wishes to enter the food industry in Texas

Become A Certified Food Handler

  • We are a leading online adult based eLearning marketplace that provides a range of training modules for occupational health and workplace safety. This includes workforce compliance, career certification courses, professional development courses among other training sessions that can help participants get access to better career opportunities. The online portal also boasts extensive web based libraries which have almost unlimited and accurate information about a range of industries and their certification requirements. There are currently 3 million subscribers ranging from universities and businesses to training providers and experts and the list keeps on growing. Our Texas Food Handler training course for instance provides students with the information they need to become responsible food handlers. This includes an overview of food safety issues and techniques that can help them maintain food safety standards.
  • Learn2Serve. Learn2Serve is an equally comprehensive training solutions provider with a range of accredited courses to its name. They mostly cater to people involved in the hospitality industry such as bar, hotels, convenience store and grocery store employees. One of the leading providers of online food safety courses and manager certification, Learn2Serve offers a flexible alternative to classroom based courses. The Food Safety Manager course that is available on the website offers 12 hours of instruction and practical knowledge about the FSM certification course. Like the courses from, this one is also self-paced and can be taken online when students want to access it. Once the course is completed, students can go ahead and take the quizzes that can help them prepare for and ace the actual exam. You need to score 71% in the exam to pass it and get credit for completing the course. Students are given 3 tries to do this.
Review for Texas Food Managers The Texas Food Administration exam is overseen by the Texas Department of State Health Services. It is a complete and fully recognized food safety management course which students can take when they want online. Once the course is completed successfully, passing students can download their completion certificate straight from website. You will need to present this document and make additional payments to the state’s local health department to register, get your Food Manager Card and have your information on record as a Food Protection Administrator in Texas. As a certified professional, you can get access to more profitable career opportunities in the food industry which will look good on your resume. Most employers in the state prefer to hire applicants who know how to sell and serve food responsibly. With this certification, your resume will be at the top of the pile which will increase your chances of getting hired.

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