360training Joins the ADP Marketplace with an LMS/ADP Integration

Does your company use ADP Workforce Now for HR?

If so, we're about to make your life easier. Our new ADP integration leverages ADP's Data Connector to streamline workplace training for both administrators and learners. It's available now in the ADP Marketplace as the 360training Connector app.

We're excited to share our new status as an ADP Marketplace Partner. Let's talk about what the ADP integration means for you!

First: What is ADP Marketplace?

If you're an ADP user, you may or may not have discovered this service yet.

The ADP Marketplace provides access to a wide array of third-party Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that can easily be integrated with a variety of ADP products. In addition to helping you find and integrate with their partners, Marketplace apps simplify your life further by streamlining your sign-on, data input, and billing processes.

The apps you acquire through the ADP Marketplace are also commonly referred to as ADP integrations or ADP plugins.

train your employees

What Does 360training's New ADP Integration Do For You?

The 360training Data Connector app integrates our Learning Management System (LMS) with ADP Workforce Now®, a cloud-based all-in-one HR platform.

If you're already a mutual client of 360training and ADP Workforce Now®, then the ADP plugin will make the management of employee training a seamless part of your ADP experience.

If you're an ADP Workforce Now® client looking for the right learning management solution, our ADP plugin will give you easy access to an enormous catalog of online compliance training, a powerful and flexible LMS, and dedicated account support.

360training is a one-stop shop for online regulatory-approved training with more than 20 years of experience providing up-to-date courses across key compliance topics. We're OSHA-authorized, ANSI- and IACET-accredited, and NYC DOB-approved.

Our catalog includes courses in HR, compliance, environmental health and safety, business skills, food & beverage, industrial skills, and much more.

How Does 360training's ADP Data Connector Work?

ADP Data Connector connects ADP HR system with 360 training LMS such that new hires, terminations, or changes to key employee fields are automatically propagated from ADP system to 360 training LMS.

This eliminates the need for uploading employee lists or maintaining employee data in 360 training LMS as employee information changes.

Once ADP Data Connector has been setup, your employees can use ADP login credentials to gain access to their 360 training LMS account to view their course library.

How Does 360training's ADP Integration Help Administrators and HR Professionals?

360training Data Connector makes it fast and easy to assign training to new and existing hires.

First of all, you won't need to worry about an extra login to manage training. Through the magic of single sign-on (SSO), you'll jump seamlessly from ADP Workforce Now® to 360training's LMS and manage training.

Before you purchase Data Connector, be sure to change email address of employees in 360 training LMS to match work email address in ADP system. If this is setup correctly, ADP Data Connector can automatically connect an employee record in ADP system to existing student records in 360 training LMS.

You don't need to worry about re-entering employee information or waiting for delayed data sharing – you'll get secure real-time updates between the two systems.

Changes made in the ADP portal are automatically synced to 360training's LMS within an hour, whether the update event is a new hire, termination, employee status change, or edit to the employee's contact information.

As for learning management, the 360 LMS is powerful but easy to use.

No need to upload or update course files – the most up-to-date version of the course already lives there, so it's as simple as choosing what you need from our extensive library.

360training's LMS also facilitates quick enrollment. Create personalized learning paths that satisfy training needs at the employee, role, and team levels; save time by adding multiple users and enrolling them in courses as a mass action.

The 360 LMS also lets you track course enrollment, send reminders, build advanced and custom reports, monitor overall performance, and more.

How Does 360training's ADP Plugin Help Employees?

With 360training Connector, you'll be able to provide your employees with not just regulatory and compliance training but also professional development resources.

You can assign courses that educate your product developers in design thinking, teach your sales team to build predictable revenue, help struggling employees learn to become contributing project team members, and give new managers the tools they need to succeed in their new position…all in the same place they complete required training like respectful workplace training, HIPAA compliance, OSHA 10/30, and more.

All 6,000 of our courses are online, mobile-friendly, and self-paced, so employees can fit their learning and development into their busy schedules without sacrificing productivity. They're engaging, high-quality, and always up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.

Plus, with 360training connector, you won't have to help employees set up or manage yet another account. They'll just click a link in their ADP portal and start learning.

How Do I Implement the 360training/ADP Integration?

The setup process looks like this:

  1. Obtain a signed contract with 360training (if you don't have one already)
  2. Sign up for 360training Data Connector at apps.adp.com
  3. Use the unique customer identifier provided by your 360training account executive to connect your ADP and 360 LMS accounts
  4. Accept the T&C that permits data sharing between ADP and 360training
  5. Map and import users from ADP to the 360 LMS

Once the initial "map and import" step is complete, your ADP profile is considered the master, and any updates to the tracked fields will automatically update in 360training's LMS.

Worried? Your 360training account executive will be happy to help you through the process.

What Other LMS Integrations Does 360training Offer?

360training offers several other LMS integrations so that every client can realize the seamless incorporation of 360training to their existing systems and workflows.

Businesses with an existing LMS that they prefer to work in can choose from several integrations, depending on their needs.

The AICC integration allows a course stored in our LMS to be rendered in yours, but if you have robust security architecture, that might trigger firewall problems. In that case, our SSO integration may be best; employees click a link in your LMS and launch the course in ours without a separate login. Later, your system retrieves the course results.

Other solutions support LMS-to-LMS communication within the context of more complex learning environments.

The xAPI integration allows our courses to be rendered in your LMS but also allows "statements of experience" to be delivered and stored in your Learning Record Store (LRS). Experience statements let you track a much wider variety of information about the learners' course activity.

The REST API (the same tech that facilitates ADP integration, but freeform) provides the most customizable solution of all. It allows communication with any system not covered by another integration. Whether that's an LMS, HR program, or something else entirely, it can interface with our LMS using a custom-programmed API to retrieve data, render courses, manage enrolled learners, and even automate various actions like reporting.

We're always on the lookout for new solutions to help improve your experience. You can learn more about our existing LMS integrations by visiting our website for enterprise clients.

While you're there, you can explore all the benefits of an enterprise partnership with 360training and contact us to discuss the solutions that will work best for your business.

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