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How Old Do You have to be to Become a Bartender?

Editorial Team March 14, 2016 Comments Off on How Old Do You have to be to Become a Bartender?


In the United States, different states have their own age requirement before you are allowed to bartend, but the age range is from 18-21 years old. Some states also require alcohol awareness training (this is different from getting a bartending license) that you can take when you start working.

Below is a table of the age requirements of the different states and Learn2Serve’s online liquor license training and certification courses per state to get you started right away in your bartending career.


Age Requirement for Bartending

Learn2Serve’s Online Liquor License Training and Certification Courses Per State

Alabama (AL) 21 Alabama Online Alcohol Server Training
Alaska (AK) 21 Alaska Alcohol Serve Training Certificate
Arizona (AZ) 19 Arizona Liquor License Certification
Arkansas (AK) 18 Arkansas Alcohol Server Certification
California (CA) 21 California Alcohol Certification Online
Colorado (CO) 18 Online Colorado Alcohol Server Training
Connecticut (CT) 18 Connecticut Online Alcohol Server Certification
Delaware (DE) 21 Delaware Alcohol Server Training
Florida (FL) 18 Florida Alcohol Certification Online
Georgia (GA) 18 Georgia Alcohol Server Certification
Hawaii (HI) 18 Hawaii Alcohol Server Online Certification
Idaho (ID) 19 Idaho Alcohol License Certification
Illinois (IL) 21 Illinois BASSET Certification Online
Indiana (IN) 21 Indiana Alcohol Server Certification
Iowa (IA) 18 Iowa ABD Alcohol Training and Certification
Kansas (KS) 21 Kansas Alcohol Permit and Training
Kentucky (KY) 20 Kentucky Liquor License Training
Louisiana (LA) 18 Louisiana Alcohol Server Permit ATC Approved
Maryland (MD) 18 Maryland Online Alcohol Server Certification
Maine (ME) 18 Maine Alcohol Server License
Michigan (MI) 18 Michigan Alcohol Server Certification
Minnesota (MN) 18 Minnesota Alcohol Server Training
Mississippi (MS) 21 Mississippi Alcohol Server Permit
Missouri (MO) 18 Missouri Alcohol Certification
Montana (MT) 18 Get Montana Alcohol Server Training
Nebraska (NE) 19 Nebraska Alcohol Permit and Training
Nevada (NV) 21 Nevada ABC Liquor License Course
New Hampshire (NH) 18 New Hampshire Liquor License Training
New Jersey (NJ) 18 New Jersey Alcohol Permit
New Mexico (NM) 19 New Mexico Alcohol Server License Online
New York (NY) 18 New York ATAP Certification Course
North Carolina (NC) 21 North Caroline ABC Permit Training Course
North Dakota (ND) 19 North Dakota Alcohol Server Training
Ohio (OH) 21 Ohio Alcohol Server License and Training
Oklahoma (OK) 21 Oklahoma Alcohol License Training
Oregon (OR) 18 Oregon OLCC Permit Training
Pennsylvania (PA) 18 Pennsylvania RAMP Training Certification
Rhode Island (RI) 18 Rhode Island Alcohol Server Online Certification
South Carolina (SC) 18 South Carolina Liquor License Training
South Dakota (SD) 21 South Dakota Alcohol Server Training
Tennessee (TN) 18 Tennessee ABC Alcohol Server Permit Training
Texas (TX) 18 Texas TABC Certification Online
Utah (UT) 21 Utah Alcohol Bartending Training
Vermont (VT) 18 Vermont Alcohol Server License (ASAP)
Virginia (VA) 21 Virginia ABC License Training
Washington (WA) 21 Washington Liquor License Training
West Virginia (WV) 18 West Virginia ABCA Alcohol Server Permit
Wisconsin (WI) 18 Wisconsin Bartending License Online
Wyoming (WY) 21 Wyoming Alcohol Server License Online


Am I too old to start a bartending career?

Of course not. High-end hotels, bars, and four-five star restaurants require bartenders who are capable of conversing with upmarket customers. If you think you can handle conversations about the economy, stocks, businesses, etc., these places will be a great start for your bartending career. If you are a fan of going to clubs, then find clubs looking that has a job opening for bartenders. It depends on what you want. Play with your strength.

However, an upscale hotel, martini bar, and four-star restaurant need a bartender with maturity who can hold a conversation with their posh customers. If you are a sports fan, a sports bar is a great place to see the games and keep up with the scores.

What can I expect from a bartending class?

Bartending does not only require you to memorize how to mix drinks. There are also other aspects to bartending before you can get in such as having knowledge in the variety of wines, beers, spirits, liquors, human relations, up-selling, alcohol awareness, etc.

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