Avoid Fines by Assessing Chemical Risk in the Workplace

Posted On: August 14, 2017
Companies whose activities involve the use of chemicals are required to observe the strict regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as those from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Those that fail to comply with the regulations stand a risk of fines, litigations, and other inimical repercussions that can amount to a substantial financial loss. Despite the consequences, most employers whose companies use chemicals find themselves on the wrong side of the law since they lack proper training on how they can follow EPA and OSHA regulations. Are you one of the employers who have faced the misfortunes of non-compliance? If so, consider enrolling with 360training for Hazard Communication training. Why Enroll At 360training? Ideally, education would be the best, if not the only option to understand the various regulations governing the use of chemicals in the workplace. However, most learning institutions do not offer this valuable course at any given time, requiring student to wait on a scheduled course to come around. 360training.com is one of the few learning centers that bridge the unmet need of compliance training by providing online HAZCOM training and HAZWOPER courses required by employers whose companies deal with chemicals. 360training’s courses feature prominent themes on how to communicate safety to your workforce, the properties and effects of various chemicals, and how to conduct a risk assessment for those chemicals. Besides giving you a greater understanding of EPA and OSHA regulations, 360training's online courses could also help you formulate safety programs that can be used to improve safety and productivity in your workplace. What Are the Training Courses Offered By 360training?
  1. GHS hazardous Communication TrainingGHS hazardous communication training is an intermediary course intended for workers in the construction industry, the healthcare industry, and the general industry. This course offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with pertinent issues in regards to the Hazardous Communication system (HazCom), and the Globally Harmonized System. Furthermore, this online course presents you with an opportunity on how to protect yourself and your workers from workplace hazards, and how you can recognize toxic chemicals using the labels and symbols on the chemicals.
  2. HAZWOPER TrainingThe Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training are intended for employers and employees who are in charge of emergency response involving hazardous waste, those who work at waste sites and the employees who perform casual duties like cleaning, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. Furthermore, this training would be essential if your workers work in oxygen deficient places, or if they are accessing workplaces above IDLH level. The HAZWOPER training helps you prepare for emergencies that may arise in the workplace, it lets you improve the safety standards within your organization, and it saves you from the penalties imposed on employers who let their workers access workplaces that need to be accessed by trained workers. We offer 8-Hour, 24-Hour, and 40-Hour HAZWOPER training.
  3. Risk Assessment. As you might be aware, risk assessment is the core to increased compliance and safety within your company. Have you been looking to expanding your risk assessment skill? If yes, 360training offers you the chance to improve your risk assessment skills, tailored to meet the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards.
Primarily, this training enlightens you to assess the quantity of chemical used in your company, its potential risk to your workers, and its severity to exposed workers. Additionally, the risk assessment training focuses on hazard identification, exposure assessment, exposure- response assessment, and risk characterization. The risk identification part helps you identify various workplace chemicals and the potential health effects associated with the hazards. This knowledge lets you know the common adverse effects that may result from the chemical used in your company. Workplace exposure is another important skill that you will learn from 360training’s risk assessment training. This skill lets you evaluate the nature of your workplace exposure and the workers who might be at a high risk. Furthermore, the training enlightens you on how to conduct an investigation and the different routes of exposure. Besides identification and assessment, the training will also shed light on the various statistical models used in the evaluation of exposure/response relations with a view to helping you evaluate the relationship between a worker's past or current exposure to the severity of a health condition. Finally, 360training’s risk assessment training will present you with an opportunity to use the information derived from the three previous steps to calculate the magnitude of a given chemical to workers. How will 360’s training benefit your organization? Besides shielding you from fines and litigations, complying with EPA and OSHA’s workplace chemical regulations also comes with numerous benefits for your company as well as your workers. For instance, your company may receive various incentives for adhering to the strict safety regulations or it may gather significant media attention and positive publicity. HAZCOM training nurtures a healthy and stress-free working environment which is important for enhanced job productivity. Getting training with 360training would be a cost saving decision as it will reduce turnover rates and sick leaves. Workplace Safety and Compliance Library

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