How to Become a Bartender in Texas

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) regulates the Texas alcoholic beverage industry and certifies courses for seller/server training. The licensing division processes applications for all phases of the alcoholic beverage industry. To sell and serve alcoholic beverages in Texas, you must obtain TABC certification.

This requires successfully completing the mandated TABC training. Because trained sellers, servers, and managers are better able to identify and prevent sales of alcoholic beverages to minors and intoxicated persons, the TABC reviews and approves seller/server training.


TABC Certification & Texas Food Handlers Training (ANSI-ACCREDITED)

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Individual Course

TABC Certification Training - Alcohol Seller-Server

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Becoming a Bartender in Texas

To become a bartender in Texas:

  1. Enroll in a TABC-approved training course
  2. Pass the course
  3. Get certified
  4. Get hired

The Seller Training certification is valid for two years.

What Does a TABC Course Cover?

Topics explored in seller/server courses will likely include:

  • The seller-server’s role in the enhancement of public safety
  • Checking IDs accurately and recognizing a fake ID
  • Recognizing second-party sales
  • Dram Shop Act
  • Recognizing intoxicated individuals
  • Blood alcohol concentration and how it is calculated
  • Effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs
  • How to refuse a sale to someone with little conflict
  • The seller-server’s responsibilities and obligations under Texas laws preventing illegal alcohol sales

Choosing the Right TABC Training

The TABC maintains a list of approved training providers. Easy and convenient online training is the best way to fit TABC courses into your schedule. 

TABC-approved Programs That Meet the Requirements

TABC training must cover the laws concerning the sale or service of alcoholic beverages to minors and intoxicated customers, as well as techniques to prevent such sales. The TABC certifies and monitors training providers offering seller-server training.

Recognized in the Industry

Don’t take a chance on a sketchy provider. Go with a company that Texas employers trust. A large, trusted provider certifying thousands of professionals knows what they’re doing; they offer training that’s interesting, relevant, effective, and meets the requirements.

Interactive, Self-paced Platform

Interactive training caters to diverse learning methods and a self-paced platform lets you go at your own speed. Whatever works for you: all at once or spread out over multiple sessions.

Excellent Customer Service

When you’re taking online courses anytime day or night, you need 24/7 customer support via multiple methods of communication, like phone, email, and chat.

Reasonable Price

While the TABC says that courses usually cost between $20 and $30 depending on the provider, online courses may be cheaper.

There’s no substitute for experience. Eliminate the guesswork and check out TABC-approved Learn2Serve, the largest online TABC school. This trusted provider has helped certify over 500,000 professionals nationwide. The Learn2Serve: TABC Seller-Server Training provides the necessary knowledge and techniques you need. Enroll today!

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