How to Become a Food Safety Manager in New Mexico

Posted On: May 10, 2018
Food Safety Manager in New Mexico New Mexico is slowly developing into one of the leading economies of the country. With a gross domestic product of $92 billion in 2017, New Mexico is becoming one of the best states for settling in. Whether you are already living in New Mexico, or in search of some inspiration to finally make the move, a career in New Mexico food safety could be exactly what you need. There has been growing emphasis on health and safety regulations in New Mexico. It is becoming important for restaurants throughout the region to ensure that they are in line with the latest regulations and are offering services that comply with the highest quality standards. Restaurant businesses intend on doing this by hiring a food safety manger on board. Looking to become the next food safety manager in New Mexico? Here’s everything that you need to know.

How Are Food Safety Managers Important To The Food Service Industry?

Food safety has always been of utmost concern to all consumers. With restaurant consumers being more particular about their health than ever, the role of a food safety manager is crucial. Restaurants all-across the New Mexico region are required by the New Mexico Environment Department and the Environmental Health Bureau to have a Food Safety Manager on their team. This individual is required to be certified through an accredited program. The New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA), a nonprofit organization dedicated towards benefiting the restaurant industry states, “The new regulations would require a restaurant to have at least one person at the establishment certified as a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM). This is a management level course that is proctored and is valid for 5 years.” It is to be noted, food safety managers are required to be certified through a “food protection manager certification program” through an accredited agency that complies with the Conference for Food Protection Standards for Accreditation of FOOD Protection Manager Certification Programs.

Job Role of a Food Safety Manager

A food safety manager’s job is to make sure that all the regulatory standards regarding quality and food safety are met. Click To Tweet

They are in-charge of ensuring that individuals involved in the process of preparing, packaging or handling food are following the guidelines and requirement set by the government. A food manager in New Mexico works in a variety of different settings such as restaurants, food-manufacturing facilities, food corporations, etc. They play an important role in training employees on the topic of food safety, conduct safety-related audits, and assist during safety related emergencies.

How to Become a Food Safety Manager?

Unlike many other professions, becoming a food safety manager can be accomplished through different career paths. The following is the most encouraged method of becoming a successful food safety manager:
  • Earn A Degree
The educational requirement for qualifying as a food safety manager can range anywhere from a high school diploma to a master’s degree; depending upon the nature of the employer. We recommend that individuals with aspirations of becoming a food safety manager opt for an undergraduate degree in food sciences or other related fields. A food science degree program typically covers most of the scientific and technological areas pertaining to this discipline. This ensures that have individuals have access to the knowledge and experience they need to excel in their role as a food safety manager.Food Manager Training for Certification
  • Gain Exposure
Most high paying jobs as a food safety manager require actual work experience in the field. With many employers expect their desired candidate to have at least two years’ worth of experience in the industry. It is also important that internships are taken seriously. We recommend that prospective food safety managers familiarize themselves with the workings of the industry and take advantage of internships and other job opportunities that offer them exposure and hands-on experience.
  • Online Food Manager Certification
Whether you opt for a degree or not, it is imperative for all prospective food safety managers to enroll in a Food Protection Manager Certification training program. With New Mexico’s government emphasizing on all food safety managers to be certified, these online programs that are accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) offer the training necessary for passing the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Food safety managers have become an important part of our society. The requirements for this career path greatly varies from one job to another. However, completing training programs that lead to Food Protection Manager Certification can help prospective food safety managers gain a competitive advantage in the state of New Mexico.

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