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How to Become a Montana Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a rewarding, unique career. You’re not stuck behind a desk all day. You’re out meeting people, touring properties, analyzing markets, and staging homes. In Montana, there are real estate salesperson licenses and real estate broker licenses.

Salespeople work for an affiliated broker, often as an independent contractor, who trains them, supervises their activities, and pays them commissions from completed sales. Two years of experience as a salesperson is one of the requirements for becoming a broker. In this post, we’re going to take you through the steps on how to start your real estate career in Montana and earn your Montana real estate license.

Montana Real Estate License Requirements

Each state regulatory agency has developed their own licensing systems and requirements to protect the public from unqualified, unethical real estate professionals. If you want to buy, sell, or lease property, you must have an active real estate license from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation. The general requirements for obtaining a Montana salesperson license include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete 10th grade or more at an accredited high school or equivalent
  • Complete 70 hours of prelicensing instruction within the last 24 months from a Board-approved school and instructor
  • Pass the Montana Salesperson Real Estate Exam
  • Get broker affiliation
  • Submit the application

Education Requirements

Within 24 months of application, you must successfully complete 70 hours of prelicensing instruction from a school or provider approved by the Board. There are classroom courses available throughout the state and there are numerous online courses as well. Then, by the first renewal date following your original license issue date, you’ll have to complete new licensee continuing education, commonly known as the 12-hour rookie course. After that, you must complete 12 hours of continuing education each year.


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Steps for Getting Your M0ntana Real Estate License

  1. Successfully complete the pre-license course: Complete an approved 70-hour pre-licensing course online or in person.
  2. Pass the licensing exam: Within the last 12 months, you must pass with a score of 80% or better the uniform portion and 70% or better on the state portion. Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) administers license examinations via computer in 3 testing sites: Great Falls, Missoula, and Billings.
  3. Find a Supervising Broker: Real estate salespersons must be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker. This broker’s office is where you’ll be working and learning.
  4. Complete the application: There is a $185.00 application/recovery fee. Note that the application includes a section for the supervising broker to agree that he or she will actively train and supervise you.
  5. Supply all required documentation: Along with the completed application, you must also submit proof of at least 10th grade high school education, proof of prelicense course completion, a copy of your AMP exam results, and documentation for proof of age (i.e., driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc.).

Montana Real Estate Exam Tips

Practice and training. The more you practice and train, the more comfortable you’ll be not just about the exam, but to the real estate industry in general. Educate yourself and listen to mentors. If you are completely new to the materials to be covered in the exam, you have to start studying and training earlier than most. If you really want the job, then it’s just fair to expect that you’ll put the extra effort in whenever necessary. If you know you are weaker in certain areas than others, be sure to spend additional time studying those subjects. Stay motivated but don’t exhaust yourself. If you stay up all night the night before your exam, you’re not going to be able to focus on that test at all. Even if you seem to be familiar with the topics and despite some easy questions, you might still end up letting a few critical points go because you won’t have enough energy to focus or complete the exam.

360training is Here to Help You Get a Real Estate Salesperson License

You don’t even have to leave your house to take and complete the education necessary to become a Montana salesperson., a leading Montana online real estate license school since 1997, offers ARELLO-approved online prelicensing courses that meet the state requirements.

After completing the pre-license course, you can return to your student profile page where your Certificate of Completion is available for printing.

What Else Should You Know About Becoming a Montana Real Estate Agent?

The Current Real Estate Market

According to, the salary range for real estate sales agents in Montana is $27,000 - $34,000, but this varies quite a bit according to location and an agent’s motivation and hustle. A salesperson’s pay comes from a portion of commissions based on the sales price of completed transactions.

Montana Board of Realty Regulation

The Montana Board of Realty Regulation, a division of the Department of Labor and Industries, regulates real estate education requirements, issues, revokes, and suspends licenses, and adopts rules to carry out the provisions of Montana Real Estate License Law.

Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)

The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials regulates real estate practice and enforces real estate law for the governmental agencies or other organizations around the world that provide real estate licenses and registrations. When you see the ARELLO seal, it means that the real estate school has met the standards required by ARELLO.

National Association of REALTORS®

The largest professional association in the real estate industry is the National Association of REALTORS®, which was first organized in 1908. To be a full member of this association, a person must be licensed in an individual state to sell real estate and must join the local association of the NAR. A REALTOR® is a real estate professional who subscribes to a strict code of ethics known as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

So there it is. A quick breakdown of what you need to do to get a real estate salesperson license in Montana. If you have any questions, visit the Montana Board of Realty Regulation web site. States periodically update their requirements, so it’s smart to visit the Board website once in a while to stay up to date.

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