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Becoming a Successful Real Estate Salesperson

James clark July 26, 2013 0
Becoming a Successful Real Estate Salesperson

Being successful in the real estate industry depends on your drive to sell and lease your listing. Here are some tips from 360training.com that can help you be on your way to becoming a successful real estate agent in no time.

Get licensed. To obtain your license, you have to obtain real estate education and training as well. This means completing your local real estate commission’s required credit hours for salespersons and brokers. Remember that you cannot practice your profession without a license and companies won’t hire you too if you don’t have one. Take advantage of the real estate courses being offered online. Your real estate education is the first step in achieving success in real estate.

Build your listings and client base patiently. Be nice to everyone you meet. If you’ve been in the industry for a couple of years and haven’t had a listing yet, then chances are, you haven’t been treating your customers very well. Be nice to potential customers as they can also promote you for free through word-of-mouth. And they can buy a house from you that could provide you with a hefty commission.
Patience is also a virtue in this business. Your job takes a lot of to-and-fros, having you talk to various agents, brokers, mortgage financers, appraisers and banks. And let’s face it, not a lot of these people have the time to focus on addressing your needs or have the courtesy to at least be nice to you.  But keep in mind that patience is the key in closing a sale.

Do some “cubicle” time. How else would you become aware of the rigors of the job and how the whole industry works if you don’t go to your office to do some “floor” time? Your broker’s office may be the most mind-numbing place there is on the face of this planet—or so you may think—but it’s where potential clients and real estate investors come to flock every single day. It’s also where your manager works for the most part of the day. And remember, your manager has all the know-how in the business and you can learn a great deal of sales technique and real estate knowledge from them.

Amp up your knowledge with real estate market trends. Keep an eye out for changes in market listings, sales volume of properties in your area and the whole state, median home prices, and year-on-year fluctuations of property prices. This will help you gain insight on how to advise potential clients on shopping for properties.

Hold an awesome open house. A successful open house will help you capture an audience. One way to make a good impression of course is by choosing an upscale or mid-range home in a great location to market to customers. This home should have curb appeal, and if doesn’t, then play up its exterior features—mow the lawn, or make the necessary repairs to make it attractive to home buyers. Leave notes around the house, entertaining guests with little bits of trivia about home furnishings and decorations. Last but not the least, end the open house with a give-away and a small buffet.

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