10 Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nebraska

Posted On: February 25, 2018

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Thinking of becoming a real estate agent? Well, it’s a bit different from other careers. A realtor is free agent serving multiple “bosses” at the same time, but is also her own boss. The Nebraska real estate market is healthy with robust home value growth and affordable prices. Home values in Nebraska rose 7.4% over the past year and will likely continue to rise 3.4% within the next year. The median home value in Nebraska is $156,100. So, it appears Nebraska would be a good place for an ambitious new real estate agent to get a fast start and grow a strong business.

The Role of the Real Estate Agent

Agents are advocates, educators, negotiators, counselors, promoters, economists, and interior decorators. They help people during pivotal moments in their lives. As a buyer’s agent, you guide clients finding and buying the house they will make their home for years or decades. As a seller’s agent, you take on the large responsibility of listing and marketing someone’s home, handing contracts and money, managing transactions, and negotiating deals. The unique career of real estate agent allows you to analyze and explore properties and markets, solve problems, and help people navigate one of the biggest transactions of their lives.

Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent can have an effect on you, too. You quickly amass knowledge, instincts, and confidence that make you successful and grow your business. Here are some benefits of becoming a real estate agent:

  1. Become a strong negotiator: Agents quickly master diplomacy, the art of emphasizing the positives, tactfully addressing sensitive subjects, and handling expectations. After closing a few transactions, you’ve learned effective negotiation theories and strategies.
  1. Become a real estate expert: To be effective, agents have to become local real estate experts. After a few years, you’ll be automatically assessing trends, predicting home prices, and upgrading curb appeal in your head. You are everyone’s real estate expert.
  1. You’re helping people: Many people underestimate how important the help of a great agent is for people stressing about a huge financial transaction. It feels great to help a family get their dream home and successfully close a deal.
  1. Explore your creative side: People don’t think of this as a creative profession, but there’s more creativity involved than you’d think. Agents design marketing materials, implement promotional campaigns, provide curb-appeal advice, and help stage and decorate houses. You’ll order, curate, and arrange photos and videos and draft persuasive marketing copy.
  1. You’re in control: You’ll become accustomed to taking control of a situation and doing what needs to be done. As an independent contractor, you manage your own business, so you’ll need to take the initiative, draft plans, gather resources, and achieve goals.
  1. Become an awesome problem solver: Agents don’t count their chickens before they hatch because lots of things can go wrong to derail a sale: inspection surprises, low appraisals, financing problems. The main role of an agent is a problem solver.
  1. Become a promotion rock star: Agents must constantly promote themselves to get new clients. They master advertising tools and perfect marketing strategies. Whether it’s an offer, a neighborhood, or a house, you’re always looking for ways to showcase the positives.
  1. Influence the community: Agents have to accumulate lots of knowledge about local neighborhoods, politics, and markets. They never stop prospecting, going to industry events, hosting seminars, and sponsoring charity events. Buying and selling property can shape the community and how it evolves.
  1. Develop confidence and perseverance: You need confidence to sell yourself and your deals, and perseverance is crucial to overcome inevitable obstacles. Constant hard work and self-promotion are necessary to succeed.
  1. Become an expert communicator: Whether it’s with ad copy, conversations, photos, videos, or design elements, top agents effortlessly communicate the right messages to get the desired results. You become great at explaining concepts and processes and persuading people.

It’s not all rainbows and kittens, of course. It can be a tough, competitive business. Success, and great income, requires a lot of work, persistence, and confidence. A few years as a full-time real estate agent forces you to develop new skills and talents. These challenges and transformations are what makes this such an exciting, rewarding career. Another great thing about the real estate biz is that the necessary training is pretty easy to access. Lots of real estate professionals take advantage of hassle-free elearning from 360training.com. The easy-to-use, interactive courses are online so they’re super convenient. Enroll now!

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