Benefits of Good Safety Management


Every year:

  • Thousands of workers die because of preventable occupational diseases
  • Workers are injured fatally on the job
  • Around a million employees complain of suffering from work related injuries
  • A worker is injured almost every day on the job
Irrespective of how large or small a business is, sidelining workplace safety can result in serious injuries and health concerns. All employers are legally obliged to ensure that their workers feel and remain safe while they are working for them. This includes individuals who might be affected by work activities.

Accidents and health issues can cost businesses in terms of money, lost skills and legal proceedings. An effective and consistent health and safety program can prevent those issues from cropping up and contribute to overall business success Click To Tweet

Accidents and health issues can cost businesses in terms of money, lost skills and legal proceedings. An effective and consistent health and safety program can prevent those issues from cropping up and contribute to overall business success. This is applicable across industries and businesses irrespective of their scope of operations. Needless to say businesses that establish health and safety practices experience a significant decrease in accidents and an increase in their success. This includes:
  • A reduction in costs that can result from illness, injuries and death. This includes medical expenses, legal compensation charges and an increase in premiums.
  • A reduction in indirect costs such as those needed to find replacements for injured workers, repairs for damaged property, investigations for accidents, schedule delays etc.
  • A positive workplace culture that encouraged productivity and client satisfaction
  • An improvement in perceptions amount customers and shareholders.
  • OSHA regulation compliance resulting in a reduction in worker complaints and improvements in inspection practices.
  • Elimination of fines associated with noncompliance or violations.
  • 6 months of business benefits which can be extended year round with regular training.
  • A reduction in absences and sick leaves which saves businesses both direct and indirect costs. Workers who know that their health and safety is taken seriously are less likely to take sick leaves.
  • Reduction in turnover rates. Good health and safety measures enhance business reputation which is helpful during recruitment practices. This also goes a long way in increasing sales and generating more leads.
  • An improvement in public relations with investors which increases profits and boosts workplace morale. Satisfied workers work harder, faster and are more proactive in the workplace.
  • Saving money on insurance costs. A workplace that is safe and healthy for employees reduces costs of accidents that have to be covered by expensive insurance. This includes sick leaves, medical benefits, production delays or repairs to equipment. If those costs are uninsured, they have to be paid from the business income which can set back operations and delay goals.
  • Effective and regular health and safety training can protect your staff from common injuries and prevent downtime. Frequent injuries and ailments that can be prevented with effective safety training:
  • Back issues and other musculoskeletal disorders resulting from repetitive movements and unsafe hauling practices
  • Head trauma and fractures resulting from slips and falls
  • Fatalities resulting from falls from heights
  • Injuries from accidents involving vehicles at work such as tractors and trucks
  • Aches and pains resulting from lack of ergonomic office furniture and display screen equipment
  • Hearing issues due to noise and vibrations in the workplace
  • Skin diseases resulting from materials present at work sites
  • Lung disease from asbestos inhalation (common among miners)
  • Workplace safety is everyone’s business. While employers have the legal obligation to ensure their workers feel and remain in good health during their workdays, employees should also remain aware of their personal safety.

Workplace Safety and Compliance Library

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