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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

Stafford Aslam April 8, 2018 0

Buyer’s Agent

A home is one of the biggest investments you can make and a bad one can cost you significantly. A single oversight during the buying process can cost you more than your college fund. Prevent that from happening by hiring a real estate agent who is dedicated to buyers. Here are some more reasons why hiring a buyer’s agent is a good idea:

They can examine and arrange financing

A buyer’s agent has the knowledge and experience to walk you through a transaction without encountering complexities. This includes examining and securing financing that can help you expedite a sale. Click To Tweet

This also includes introducing a range of financing options that can help you decide on the type of mortgage that is best for you. They can also help you secure it via a reliable local mortgage broker who knows the rules and regulations governing real estate in the area.

They will prevent rash decisions

Buying a new home is understandably an extremely emotional experience. Working with an agent who is in it just for the commission and cannot understand your needs can prove costly. A buyer’s agent on the other hand can be the voice of reason.

For instance, if you have your heart set on a home, you may overlook the decaying roof and other maintenance issues. A buyer’s agent is trained to look out for these and will inform you before you sign the contract. A good one will locate a property for you that you need, not one that you want.

They are proficient in the paperwork involved

Even if you are an experienced investor, chances are you are not familiar with the terms involved.  A buyer’s agent knows this piece of paper inside and out along with consequences if any terms are violated.

A real estate contract is legally binding and should not be taken casually. A buyer’s agent who has experience handling these will make sure that contingencies are in the proper place and will not allow you to accept the terms till you are satisfied with them.

The information they get to ensure contracts are relevant to the current market conditions is based on the MLS. Unlike large online databases such as Zillow which are notorious for outdated information, the data these agents have is accurate and current. This is understandable since unlike buyer’s agents, those sites don’t take every home into account.

They overcome setbacks and take care of transactions

If the home inspection report turns up new issues, a buyer’s agent will be able to tell you how to proceed and act as your representative between the seller’s agent. As experienced professionals, they know how to remain calm in delicate situations and ensure their client does not suffer any consequences. The contract is made up of several parts that may not make sense to you but make perfect sense to them.

Plus, the stress of the transaction process can be difficult to bear, but a buyer’s agent will handle it for you. This will include late night calls, assuring you of a smooth deal and preventing you from getting overwhelmed. A nervous buyer is an easy target for questionable sellers but a buyer’s agent can spot them a mile away.

A reliable buyer’s agent knows when their resources run out and are professional enough to let you know. For instance, if they are not proficient in mortgages, they will refer you to a reliable broker or real estate attorney or home inspectors. Their aim is to expedite the transaction process but not at the expense of their client.

Nebraska Real Estate Continuing Education

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